Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Underneath the Moon

In ‘Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You’ or ‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ season 2 episode 6 titled ‘Underneath the Moon,’ Nasa overthinks and struggles to gather the courage to ask Tsukasa to go to the private hot spring with him. The couple spends the day traveling the city and having a great time together. Nasa learns about his wife’s relationship with Tokiko-san and when they eventually reach their room, he finally asks her to go to the hot spring with him.

Nasa and Tsukasa Travel Together

Nasa reads a typical rom-com manga in which the two main characters end up going to the hot spring together. Since they were not married, he feels that it would not be awkward at all for someone like him and his wife to do the same. But it is quite evident that he is scared to even pose that question to Tsukasa as he is unsure what she might think of it. The couple later go outside and spend some time in the market. Nasa is enamored by his wife and decides to take her pictures wherever she goes.

When he finally gets the chance, he asks Tsukasa about her relationship with Tokiko-san. The couple has not talked about it until this point and Tsukasa interestingly reveals that they are not related by blood at all. However, Tokiko-san has been a guardian for her for a long time. When the conversation finally turns toward open-air baths, Nasa reveals that he would love to try the one in their room. Instead of saying anything about it, Tsukasa heads to the eastern riverbed nearby to have a closer look.

While she is busy enjoying the view, Nasa can’t help but constantly think about having a bath together with his wife but still does not have the courage to ask her for it. Later that evening, the couple eats dinner together and are quite impressed by the delicacies they are offered. They plan to thank Kaname for everything. After their long conversation, the couple looks outside their room talking about mundane things. That’s when Nasa realizes that he has waited far too long and asks Tsukasa to go to the private hot spring with him.

What Do Tsukasa And Nasa Feel About Their Honeymoon?

After Nasa finally manages to gather courage and asks Tsukasa to go to the hot spring with him, she asks him to enter it so she could follow afterward. Nasa does as he is told and waits eagerly for his wife. Before she finally gets to the hot spring, Tsukasa turns off the lights as she naturally feels embarrassed. However, the moonlight is still quite bright, and Nasa courteously looks away so that she feels comfortable. Eventually, Tsukasa gets into the hot spring next to him and the two of them confess their love for one another.

The duo then play with the water but end up staying in the hot spring for so long that they feel really hot. When Nasa wakes up the following morning, he still feels quite excited about the time he got to spend with his wife. Tsukasa, who has been to the big baths, returns all of a sudden and tells his husband that the breakfast will be ready soon. Nasa goes to the bathhouse and the couple later eats breakfast together. The couple is quite impressed by the overall service offered to them.

Nasa notices that Tsukasa is acting cold and distant, and that’s when he realizes that she is still embarrassed about the previous night. Just before the couple leaves, Tokiko meets them to say goodbye. The three of them even take a photo together, although Tsukasa is not really happy about it. Later that day, the duo takes the train to Tokyo. On their way, Nasa confesses that he had a great time and Tsukasa also reveals she would love to go on another trip like this.

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