Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You’ or ‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ season 2 episode 12, titled ‘In All the Times to Come, And Beyond,’ Nasa, Tsukasa, and Tokiko enjoy some memorable moments in the mountains. When the couple returns to their ordinary life, they get the exciting news that their own apartment has been remodeled and is now ready for them to move in. This disappoints Kaname as she feels that the couple will soon move out of their current home and leave away.

Tokiko and Tsukasa Plan to Move Back to Their Apartment

While Tsukasa sleeps, Nasa enjoys the natural beauty of the mountain region they are in. He is soon joined by Tokiko, who has come well-prepared for the trip. She talks to Nasa about nature’s wonders briefly and then reveals that she has some tasty breakfast with her that they can enjoy. The duo are soon joined by Tsukasa after she wakes up.

Once they return to their ordinary lives in the city, Nasa gets a call from their landlord. It turns out that their apartment, which was burned down, has now been remodeled and is ready for them to move in. The couple is excited about their next phase of life as they feel that they will finally get to live like a real husband and wife.

Naturally, this upsets Kaname as they will be moving away from her. But Tsukasa reassures her that she will continue to work at the bathhouse as a cashier while Nasa can take his laptop to their current room to work near them as well. This makes Kaname happy as she feels that she won’t be losing her friends.

What Responsibility Does Tokiko Enstrust Nasa With?

Tokiko recalls her interaction with Tsukasa, where she had told her that she had two more years to find her own purpose in life and stop living for her sake. Tsukasa had done as she felt that she had found her destiny. In the present day, as Tokiko looks at the moon rock, she suddenly collapses on the ground. Meanwhile, Nasa is with his wife in their room. As she rolls over all over the ground in her sleep, Nasa is concerned but does not know whether he should wake her up or not.

That’s when Nasa notices that someone is calling Tsukasa on her phone. It turns out that the caller was actually Chitose, and she had contacted Tsukasa to inform her about Tokiko’s sudden deteriorating health. By the time Tsukasa and Nasa reach the hospital, they learn that Tokiko is already conscious. She tries to act normal, as if her collapse was nothing serious, and leaves her hospital room on the pretext of meeting the doctor. Nasa leaves Tsukasa with the responsibility of playing her video game in the meantime.

Nasa follows her and compares her strides now to the time they went hiking; he comes to the conclusion that she is obviously not doing well. Nasa recalls that Tokiko wanted to talk about something important with him before. Tokiko takes a deep breath and tells him that there was something she had wanted to do all her life but now feels that she has failed to achieve. She appears grateful for the experience and hands over the moon rock to Nasa, mentioning that the ordinary rock took millennia of human effort to collect. However, Tokiko also entrusts Nasa with another responsibility to make Tsukasa happy.

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