Tony Jackett and Tim Arnold: Where Are Christa’s Ex-Boyfriends Now?

Tony Jackett

When Christa Worthington was found dead in her home in Truro, Massachusetts, the police began investigating numerous suspects. Due to the location of her house, it seemed likely that she was killed by someone who knew her well. Consequently, Tony Jackett and Tim Arnold, Christa’s ex-partners, were brought into the investigation. Jackett was the father of her daughter, while Arnold was the one who discovered her body. CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode titled ‘Murder on the Cape’ highlights their experiences during the investigation and how losing Christa altered their lives.

Tony Jackett Was Married When He Began Dating Christa

After Christa Worthington moved to Truro, Massachusetts, in 1997, she met Anthony “Tony” R Jackett. At the time, Tony was married to his wife, Susan Jackett, and they had six children together. He explained that “one thing led to another” when he helped Christa set up things in her house, leading to an affair behind his wife’s back. In May 1999, Christa and Tony had a daughter, Ava Worthington. By 2000, Christa began urging Tony to tell his wife about Ava and their affair. By this time, their relationship had ended, and Tony even alleged that Christa had tried to trap him with her pregnancy.

In January 2002, when Christa was found dead, the police knew they had to interrogate Tony. He had confessed the affair to his wife, and after the initial emotional turmoil, she declared her willingness to raise his daughter as her own. Although Tony and Christa initially entered a custody battle, Ava ultimately grew up under the guardianship of Christa’s friend, Amyra Chase. Tony was questioned several times, but his alibi was unshakeable, and he was gradually eliminated from the list of suspects.

Tony Has Been Working as a Shellfish Constable Till Today

When Tony Jackett met Christa Worthington, he worked as a Harbormaster and Shellfish Constable, a job he still holds. After studying at Mass Maritime Academy in Bourne, Massachusetts, and the Court Reporting Institute of Boston, he has been a Captain for over 25 years. His daily work activities include overseeing the management and conservation of shellfish resources. He also conducts regular inspections of shellfish beds, issues permits to commercial and recreational harvesters and ensures compliance with safety and environmental standards. Having settled in Provincetown, Massachusetts, he holds the place of a respected member of the community and is highly regarded by the community.

Tony Jackett Has Made Ava Worthington a Part of His Family

Tony and Susan Jackett have been married since November 17, 1972, and have supported each other through good and bad times. Their six children—Braunwyn, Beau, Luke, Kyle, Amy, and Kelsey—have all grown up but maintain a close relationship with their parents. The family often takes holidays together, and Tony proudly showcases their special moments on social media. His two grandchildren, Etel Mary and Nataya Marie, have brought additional warmth and happiness to the family. Seeing them standing together as a united family, finding strength and solidarity in each other, is heartwarming.

Tony has also maintained a close relationship with Ava Worthington, who now goes by the name Ava Gloria. She visits them often and has formed strong bonds with her half-siblings, nieces, and nephews. In 2022, when Ava graduated from the University of Colorado, she and Tony went on a hiking trip to Boulder, Colorado, giving them a chance to catch up. It is heartwarming to see Ava finding her place in such a large and loving family, showcasing how Tony rose to the occasion and unconditionally loved and supported his daughter in every way he could.

Tim Arnold Has Kept a Low Profile Since the Murder

Tim Arnold had been a neighbor of Christa Worthington when she lived in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. After her relationship with Tony Jackett ended, Christa and Tim dated for a year, but their relationship had ended before January 6, 2002. That morning, Tim visited her house to return a flashlight he had borrowed, as she had just returned from a holiday in New York. He was surprised to see her personal belongings strewn in front of her house, some drag marks, and her newspaper uncollected for a few days.

Deciding to enter, Tim found Christa stabbed to death in the middle of the living room. He also found two-year-old Ava, who was trying to nurse, and quickly grabbed her and rushed out of the house. He called 911, reporting that Christa appeared to be dead and urgently needed assistance. Given the circumstances in which he found Christa, Tim was questioned by the police, but with no evidence linking him to the crime and a solid alibi, he was not connected to it. As of 2022, he was living in Provincetown, Massachusetts, maintaining a low profile, and has not made any public appearances since then.

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