Tootsie Tomanetz: The Chef’s Table BBQ Star is A Beloved Pitmaster Even Today

Unraveling the secrets and success of acclaimed international chefs, Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ follows the journey of renowned pitmasters across the world. The documentary series traces the countless milestones of the four subjects as chefs and individuals. From discovering the appeal of their barbecue to zeroing in on the lives in and beyond the kitchen, the series features several instances of the chef’s life.

It also highlights the unique dedication and passion that brings cooks and food enthusiasts together. The seventh season of ‘Chef’s Table’ features Tootsie Tomanetz, a pitmaster who has become a renowned name in the art of barbecuing. Given her appearance on the series, fans have continued to wonder more about the television personality.

Tootsie Tomanetz’s Chef’s Table: BBQ Journey

Capitalizing on the memories of yore, Norma Frances “Tootsie” Tomanetz believed that the ubiquitous appeal of barbecue allowed people to slow down and give more time to each other, something that’s lost today. The docuseries explored the life and journey of the “Queen of Texas BBQ” and how Texas’ history is inherently rooted in barbecue culture. As the oldest of three children raised on a farm during the Great Depression, Tootsie’s experiences were rooted in butchering and foraging. She channeled the hard work of her upbringing into her work even years later.

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The documentary focused on how Tootsie’s work at ‘Snow’ still involved doing barbecue the old way. Instead of using new burners, ovens, and other means of cooking, Tootsie and her team burn down coals and use their direct heat to cook the meat. While the chef’s unbridled passion and dedication to her work were accurately captured, the episode also featured the countless people who have come to find more than just a good meal at Tootsie’s.

From her colleagues to her customers, several visitors who frequent the establishment have had a long association with the pitmaster and her cooking. The Netflix series traces the extensive situations under which Tootsie manages to whip out remarkable cooking without getting deterred. From waking up at 1 am to preparing food in blasting heat, the documentary encapsulates the sheer hardworking nature of the acclaimed chef.

Where is Tootsie Tomanetz Now?

Having risen to fame after Texas Monthly named her restaurant as the best barbecue place in Texas in 2008, the television personality has continued to grow on several fronts. The culinary trailblazer is now known by many as the “Queen of Texas BBQ.” While her work as a cook has been highly lauded, this is not the only thing Tootsie is skilled at. The television personality serves an array of customers on Saturdays and works as a custodian at Giddings High School on other days of the week.

With decades of experience in managing pits and cooking barbecue, Tootsie’s authentic skills continue to bring countless customers to her door. At 88, the television personality continues to work thirty hours a week for the school district’s maintenance department. Besides performing essential tasks at the school, she makes it a note to go to bed at 9 pm on Fridays and wake up at 1 am to kickstart the preparation at Snow. The restaurant continues to operate on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until the establishment runs out of food. Given Tootsie’s years of experience, it isn’t surprising that years later, people still line up at Snow first thing in the morning to taste the authentic curation of Texas spices and barbecue meats.

As the pitmaster of the establishment, Tootsie’s association with owner Kerry Bexley can be dated to the latter’s youth. Once a young man himself, Kerry would often eat his lunches at Tootsie and her husband, Edward White’s, City Meat Market, once a barbecue restaurant in Giddings. Since her appearance in the Netflix documentary, Norma/Tootsie has continued to devote her time and energy to managing her work and commitments.

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