Rodney Scott: The Chef’s Table BBQ Star Is Now A Media Personality

Elevating dining experiences by infusing the rugged with the subtle, Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ features the journey of four acclaimed chefs as they converge flavors and transform barbecue into a remarkable experience. The four-part documentary series traces the rise and achievements of the four subjects as they seek to solidify their brand and help it reach new heights.

Besides their dedication to the craft, the series chronicles the blood, sweat, and tears the cooks put into their food to help create unique flavors that keep customers coming back for more. Pitmaster Rodney Scott is one of the four subjects in the Netflix docuseries. Given his dedication to the craft, fans have continued to wonder more about his latest whereabouts.

Rodney Scott’s Chef’s Table: BBQ Journey

Growing up as an only child in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina, Rodney was accustomed to the ins and outs of a barbecue restaurant from a very young age. He began frequenting his parents’ barbecuing business, Scott’s Variety Store + Bar-B-Q, in South Carolina at the age of eleven. Having picked up unique skills along the way, the pitmaster consistently grew as an experiential cook. From understanding the nuances of flavor to contributing to his family’s expansive business full-time, Rodney’s involvement with barbecue could be traced to his childhood.

Striving for excellence, the series zeroed in on the intersectional activities the chef participated in to give his business a headstart. Rodney discussed the relativity of hogs in the South in the past and how they were an inexpensive source of food and protein. While cooking hogs slowly became a tradition in South Carolina, Rodney and his family decided to use the encompassing farms and fauna to make their cooking process easier. Slowly, he managed to grow his skills as an individual and also create a lasting impact on their family business.

Where is Rodney Scott Today?

After working with his parents for 25 years, Rodney Scott kickstarted Rodney Scott’s BBQ in the North Central neighborhood of Charleston, South Carolina. It was here that the chef’s work won international renown and helped him climb the ladder of success. First, the television personality’s restaurant was recognized as one of the 50 Best New Restaurants by Bon Appetit Magazine. The very next year, he won the James Beard Foundation’s award for Outstanding Chef Southeast. While the accolades he’s won over the years have continued to contribute to his success, his unending devotion to the culinary arts has been what kept Rodney a remarkable presence in the industry even today.

Since the show, he has kickstarted two new locations of his restaurant. Rodney opened the second location of his barbecue restaurant in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, Atlanta, in 2019. Two years later, he opened another location in Atlanta. His famous ‘Rodney Sauce’ is consistently loved by customers. While he continues to overlook the operations of his three restaurants, he has expanded his brand by appearing on television, too. Besides his stint on ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ,’ the chef has adjudicated two seasons of Food Network’s ‘BBQ Brawl.’ He has also released his own cookbook and continues to disseminate his knowledge of flavors through different channels.

The chef’s authored work is entitled, ‘Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ: Recipes and Perspectives from the Legendary Pitmaster.’ While the television personality’s restaurants cater to an array of consumer bases on a daily basis, the establishments also have a dedicated delivery service. As such, fans and customers can order food from their locations in Atlanta, Trussville, Homewood, Birmingham, and Charleston. Besides creating a renowned brand, Rodney is famous for his traditional whole-hog barbecue and the flavors he manages to bring out on hardwood coals.

Decades of culinary expertise have led him to release a myriad of spice rubs on his website, as well. Fans and consumers can purchase herbs and rubs like Porcini Garlic Pepper, Black Garlic Sesame Gochugaru, Ginger Chile Espresso Maple, Black Chile Coffee Cocoa, Green Chile Lime Citrus, Smoky Sweet Chile Hickory, Carolina Fire Chile on Rodney’s website. For $96.00, customers can purchase The Rodney Scott Deluxe Collection, an eight-jar box that contains a mix of some of the chef’s highly demanded spices.

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