Lennox Hastie: The Chef’s Table BBQ Star is Expanding His Business Even Today

Evoking flavors that aren’t found elsewhere, Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ features the journey of four acclaimed chefs as they seek to deliver remarkable tastes in different corners of the world. The four-part docuseries focuses on the life and career of experiential pitmasters whose unmatched skills in barbecuing have contributed to their renown and laud. While consumer appreciation has led them to new heights, their unique methods of cooking have set them apart, too.

One of the chefs whose understanding of barbecue goes beyond meats and rubs is Lennox Hastie. The reality series features the Australian chef and his determination to his culinary craft extensively. Naturally, fans have wondered more about his recent whereabouts.

Lennox Hastie’s Chef’s Table: BBQ Journey

Referring to his experience with fire as “spiritual,” Lennox’s display of excellence as a chef became a central feature in the docuseries. Embodying the essence of traditional Australian barbecuing, ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ features the intricate details that go behind Lennox’s application to detail and finesse. From procuring ingredients of the highest quality to displaying attention to detail, the cooking documentary explores the endless flavor profiles that Lennox adds to his food. What sets the Australian chef apart is his ability to wield fire as a cooking accompaniment.

Without any gas or electricity, Lennox’s unique fire cooking methods require extensive concentration and undivided attention. Naturally, his uncompromising approach to cooking and unerring concentration are huge focuses of the Netflix series. Other aspects of his cooking are also addressed in the series. Lennox’s usage of fire isn’t limited to cooking barbecue. For example, instead of using gas or other methods of heat to cook vegetables and fruits, Lennox uses fire.

With woods that burn at a temperature high enough to melt glass, the series encapsulates the high focus and attention Lennox pays to his food to make it taste remarkable. Inspired by the cataclysmic power of fire in the development of humankind, Lennox displayed how fire could be used as a fine dining style of cooking. He also showcased how fire can bring out the subtle nuances of flavor. By bringing something so rugged and primitive to the level of fine dining, the Australian chef displayed the miraculous power it could play in terms of taste.

Where is Lennox Hastie Now?

Operating in the balance between fine dining and casual eating, Lennox continues to operate Firedoor, which is located in Sydney, Australia. As the head chef and owner of the restaurant, the England native continues to make strides in his career and apply his unique learnings to take the taste of food up a notch. As the only restaurant in Australia known for doing everything with fire, Lennox’s premises attract countless consumers around the year. The chef and published author has not only appeared in the Netflix series but has also won the 2020 Citi Chef of the Year Award. Most recently, he received a place in the Australian Gourmet Traveller’s Top 100 restaurants list.

While Firedoor continues to make new milestones as a premier dining destination, Lennox has also embarked on new challenges. Since then, he has also opened Gildas, a Basque-inspired wine bar. Gildas was kickstarted in 2022 and has been based in Surry Hills. Since its opening, the chef has been busy managing the extensive demands of his career. Besides creating remarkable concoctions in the kitchen, Lennox also enjoys other aspects of his life. He is currently the brand ambassador for The Balvenie, a single-malt scotch whiskey brand.

Inspired by the unique cooking traditions of different communities and people, Lennox continues to seek his newest learnings from experts across the world. When he’s not involved in the kitchen, Lennox likes to collaborate with friends and colleagues and create new milestones. Most recently, he was invited to an event conducted by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants to cook his signature Firedoor barbecue for a dinner at Al Qasr in Abu Dabi. A renowned name in the hospitality industry, Lennox consistently shares snippets from his life with fans online. With an ever-evolving following on social media, the chef continues to share his latest creations in the kitchen for others to view. Naturally, we wish him the best in his future endeavors!

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