Rosalia: The Chef’s Table BBQ Star Now Offers Insights Into Mayan Traditions

Redefining the scope of culinary arts, ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ features the journey of four acclaimed barbecue chefs who have reconstrued the process in different corners of the world. From using antiquated methods to keeping legacies alive, the four-part documentary series maps the authentic tastes that countless people across the globe have loved. It zeroes in on individuals who aren’t just keeping a tradition alive but also bringing new life to methods that have since been ignored.

Rosalia Chay Chuc is one of the four culinary trailblazers whose acumen and instinctive cooking skills have set her apart from numerous chefs around the world. Seeing her remarkable strive for excellence and dedication to highlighting the Mayan culture, fans have continued to wonder about her latest whereabouts.

Rosalia Chay Chuc’s Chef’s Table: BBQ Journey

Displaying the skills and indigenous practices of the Mayan culture and culinary history, Rosalia brought century-old traditions alive in the Netflix cooking series. Instead of running a restaurant that invites customers to its humble doors, Rosalia’s cooking caters to a slimmer demographic in Mexico. The series documents her excellence when it comes to perfecting and serving Mayan cuisine in her home in Yaxuna, Yucatán. Having been born and brought up in Yaxuna, Rosalia’s first brush with Maya cooking came when she was just eight.

While learning traditional and artisanal skills was part of her upbringing, the one thing that greatly appealed to her was the intricacies of Maya cooking. Endowed with a culinary gift, Rosalia manages to identically curate Cochinita Pibil, a dish that has been around in the Maya culture for centuries. Despite the slow and passive process of cooking, Rosalia perfects the main course, which is then served to ten to twelve people in her house in Yaxuna. Given the remarkable success she’s derived from her flavorful meal, the series displayed how Rosalia’s house had come to be known by the dish’s name.

The documentary places special focus on how the chef prepares the Pibil/hearth using traditional methods and cooking it in an open-air kitchen. Far from the sophisticated setup of a gourmet kitchen, the documentary features Rosalia’s skills that emerge in an antiquated setup. Encompassed by ancestral land on either side, the Netflix series features how Rosalia’s cooking is rooted in nature.

Where is Rosalia Chay Chuc Today?

Renowned for her work and authentic flavors, Rosalia continues to highlight the priceless learnings of her culture that can be dated back to 400 AD. Since displaying her skills in the Netflix series, she has continued to use her knowledge of Mexican life and cooking to display her creativity and help others experience the authentic taste of the culture. Based in Yuxana, she continues to use the Pib, the traditional cooking method of the Mayan, to bring out flavors in her dishes.

The Pib is a hand-dug pit dug 1m deep into the ground and lined with hot stones and wood at the bottom. With a cooking process that can last up to 12 hours, Rosalia continues to intersect the tastes and practices of her culture to help food enthusiasts have a remarkable culinary experience. Since the show, she’s made extensive progress as a chef. Fans and readers can head up to her website and book an array of dining experiences.

Rosalia’s website offers a BBQ and Cohinita Pibil Experience where guests can witness the unburial process of the Cohinita and even indulge in other indigenous practices. Another 8-day culinary adventure is offered by the chef that takes people through the Jewels of Riviera Maya and Yucatan. The eight-day retreat would include a deep dive into the preparation of Mexican food and life in a Mayan village.

Not just this, this package would also include four cooking lessons in Puerto Morelos and a chance to dine with Mexican chefs. Finally, Rosalia also offers a four-day culinary Mayan journey where people can discover the flavors and traditions of the Mayan culture. In addition to partaking in a culinary experience with Rosalia, customers can also discover the ruins of Chichen Itza and visit Valladolid. Most recently, her recipe was featured in ‘The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations: For People and Planet.’

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