10 Best Entrepreneur Podcasts of All Time

There is nothing better than working for yourself. Starting your own business, turning your ideas into a reality is the thing that a lot of people dream about. But as great as it sounds, being an entrepreneur is a highly demanding task. It is riskier than it is rewarding, and if you succeed at building a stronghold and start making a profit, you have to keep in mind that success is not perpetual. One bad decision on your part, and all the hard work will come crashing down in one moment.

Running a business takes everything you’ve got, and nothing can match the feeling of watching it prosper, tasting the fruit of your labour. If you are thinking about jumping into this line, then you should do your homework. Learn some tricks of the trade, be mindful of some common mistakes and be motivated towards your goal. To help you out, we have come up with a special compilation of podcasts. Here’s the list of top entrepreneur podcasts. You can listen to several of these best entrepreneur podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or even YouTube for free.

10. The Goal Digger Podcast (2016- present)

What is your passion? Are you awesome at pottery or do you make jewellery? Do you want to build a travel blog or is there some topic that you want to create a website about? There are countless things that can be done now, whatever you want. All you need is the right direction, proper guidance and, of course, a lot of hard work. Jenna Kutcher has already been there done that, and she has all the best things to tell you about how to run your online business. From some useful hacks to the basic things you need to keep in mind, ‘The Goal Digger Podcast’ will make the task seem much easier. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

9. How I Built This (2016- present)

The best person to teach you the nuances of running a business is someone who has done it before and succeeded at it. You should learn from your mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you have to commit all of them yourselves. A great number of people before you have trodden the same path. You can learn from their experiences, no matter if they failed or succeeded at it. ‘How I Built This’ brings such people to share their stories and shows you what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This is where you’ll learn that no idea is too small or too ridiculous to not be turned into something great. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

8. The DigitalMarketer Podcast (2018- present)

No matter what business you choose to nurture, it is mandatory to have an online presence. Everyone is connected to the Internet now and you simply can’t expect to grow without being on the digital platform. With a thing so important, you have to take care that it is done right. If you don’t know much about that, then listen to ‘The DigitalMarketer Podcast’. Hosted by Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely, it covers all ground on the steps you need to take in order to have a strong online presence. How to use social media platforms to your profit and all the important stuff that you need to know about digital marketing finds a place here. You can listen to the podcast here.

7. How to Lead for Female Entrepreneurs (2019- present)

You can’t run a business alone. You might have come up with the most awesome idea of all time, you might have the money and the resources to kickstart your business, and you might have the skills to invite investors and customers to your brand, but you simply can’t do everything alone. At some point in time, you will have to hire people. You will have to pay someone to do the menial jobs while you tend to the more important ones. This is another thing that you need to pay attention to. Whom to hire? How to handle your team so that they deliver their best potential? And most importantly, when it comes to that, how to fire people, how to choose whom to fire? All of this stuff is taught to you in this podcast.

The title might make it seem like it is only for women, but I don’t think men would learn absolutely nothing from it. The podcast is hosted by Kris Plachy. She coaches women who want to start their own business and draws from this experience to come up with content for the podcast. You can listen to ‘How to Lead’ here.

6. Youpreneur FM Podcast (2015- present)

Chris Ducker is an entrepreneur. He is also a speaker and talks about how to create a successful business. He is the author of some books that are true goldmines if you want an in-depth study of serious business. But if you are not much of a reader, then you should turn your attention towards his podcast. In ‘Youpreneur’, he talks about the challenges of being a businessman in today’s world. It focuses not only on building your brand but also on your character and personality and how you carry yourselves in front of others. Because honestly, you are your own brand. From digital marketing to selling your product by the power of your words, this podcast helps you on every front. You can listen to all its episodes here.

5. The BizChix Podcast (2014- present)

Everyone has a unique experience of starting their business, a different challenge that sets their story apart. Similarly, the problems that men and women face can also be very different. This podcast is made keeping in mind the needs of women. Natalie Eckdahl is its host. She is an entrepreneurship coach and has helped many women in starting their business. She is joined by other successful businesswomen who share their experiences, give you an account of the mistakes that you should not repeat, and inspire you to be on your path and do your own thing. You can listen to all episodes of ‘The BizChix Podcast’ here.

4. Entrepreneurs on Fire (2012- present)

Running a business is very different now than what it was twenty or so years ago. With the continuously evolving world, a whole new world of opportunities has opened up. Now, you don’t even have to go out of your house in order to start, run and manage your business. You can do it all from the comfort of your home. However, there is no compromise on the hard work and dedication factor. Learn all the time-tested tricks to the ones that keep you in sync with the modern world. ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire’ is an award-winning podcast that you must definitely listen to. You can listen to all its episodes here.

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3. Seeking Wisdom (2016- present)

Are you thinking about leaving your current job and starting your own business? Great for you. But you can’t simply quit. You have to wait for the right time, you have to make some arrangements before you let go of the thing that takes care of your monetary needs. A lot of stuff needs to be done, but time is not a commodity. You can barely sleep; how do you expect to listen to hour-long podcasts? Here is your solution. ‘Seeking Wisdom’ wants to teach you about business, but won’t keep you for long. Mostly, the episodes are pretty short, ten to fifteen minutes. But there are some topics that need more time, so you will have to make proper time, once in a while. You can listen to this podcast here.

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2. The GaryVee Audio Experience (2014- present)

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and an internet personality. He is the chairman of VaynerX and the CEO of VaynerMedia. He has written half a bunch of books about business and also hosts a few shows where he shares his expertise and helps people in building their own business. You can check out his channels on YouTube. But if you are more of a podcast person, then ‘The GaryVee Audio Experience’ is the one you should opt for. Being such a successful person himself, you can bet on learning some exciting things from him. You can listen to the whole podcast here.

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1. The $100 MBA Show (2014- present)

An education in business can go a long way for you. However, going back to college for a degree in MBA might not be such a good idea for everyone. Apart from the time it will take, you also have to think about the money that you’d be spending on your education, the money that you could easily invest in your business. But there is no point moving forward if you don’t know anything about the business world. To spare you this dilemma, we have a perfect podcast for you. ‘The $100 MBA Show’. It means business, there is no fluffy chit chat, no protecting you from the harsh realities of what you are about to step into. It is precise and it is focused on just one thing — letting you know everything that a college education would have. You can listen to the podcast here.

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