12 Best Podcasts For Technology Lovers

The modern world is defined by technology. Almost everyone in the world is dependent on one or the other form of technology. Phones, laptops and TV sets are just common examples of the tech that is in the reach of everyone. The huge influence of social media and the sheer extent of its reach is another factor that displays the intertwining of humans with technology. And then there are robots. Scientists and engineers are continuously working on upgrades, finding ways to better artificial intelligence and make our lives easier. (They are also increasing the chances of ‘Terminator’ or ‘Westworld’ sort of scenario.)

There’s no way humans would let go of technology now. Despite our dependence on this, we don’t really know much about how it all works. We rarely keep ourselves updated on the stuff that is going on in the tech world. If you want to remedy this situation, then we have the perfect solution for you. Here’s the list of top technology podcasts. You can listen to several of these best technology podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or even YouTube for free.

12. Clockwise (2013- present)

A lot of things need to be done in a day. You must have a bunch of podcasts added in your list and you can’t listen to all of them at the same time. Time is of importance, and so is the content. ‘Clockwise’ has both these things in mind. Every episode covers four topics with hosts Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent in the discussion, and quite a rapid one at that, with two special guests. Time is ticking and the episodes are clocked at thirty minutes, so you get a very condensed version of the whole thing. You can listen to the podcast here.

11. Download (2017- present)

Hosted by Stephen Hackett and Jason Snell, this podcast is your weekly update on all new things in tech. How brighter does the future of online retail get? What is the next development in TV technology? What is the scene of patenting your invention? How far have we come in the past decade and what exponential growth is in store for humanity? When will flying cars become the norm? Will it ever come to the machines exterminating us? Find out all about such stuff in ‘Download’. You can listen to all its episodes here.

10. Product Hunt Radio (2014- present)

What is the latest in technology? Which company can be the next Facebook or Instagram? What is it like to be in the tech field? You will know the answers to all of these questions in ‘Product Hunt Radio’. Airing its episodes once a week, it is hosted by Ryan Hoover who updates you on all that is happening in technology around the world. He is joined by some prominent names in the industry, people who provide these services to you. Also joining as his guests are investors who are always on a lookout for a new project and journalists who keep an eye out for the new developments. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

9. The Vergecast (2014- present)

‘The Vergecast’ is the podcast for you if you want don’t just want to know what’s happening in the tech world, but also understand what it means. With two episodes a week, its content is divided into two sections, one airing on Tuesdays, the other on Fridays. Nillay Patel, Dieter Bohn and Paul Miller host the podcast and discuss the new gadgets and the shifts in the biggest tech-based companies in the world. In other episodes, they host interviews with some leading figures in the business and have some insightful and fun conversations with them. This podcast is for the nerd in you. You can catch all episodes of ‘The Vergecast’ here.

8. Analog(ue) (2014- present)

About twenty, if not ten, years ago, the world was a very different place. We were not so indulged with technology; our lives didn’t depend on it. In a sense, we were freer. But to imagine a life like that now seems impossible. Kids these days are more adept at familiarising with new tech than older people are. Are human minds syncing more and more with the machines? Technology has definitely been a giant step towards another step in human evolution, but how much for the better and how much for the worse, you can find out in this podcast. Catch all the episodes of ‘Analog(ue)’ here.

7. Tech Weekly Podcast UK (2016- present)

There is no limit to imagination and there is no limit to the things that humans can make. Inventors run this world and they are the ones responsible for all that we have today. But the path of development doesn’t stop here. More inventions are being worked on as we speak. What is new in technology and how much of a use is it to you. You can find out all about that in ‘Tech Weekly Podcast’. It presents an analysis of new developments in technology. If they are worth giving your time to, you can listen to episodes of this podcast here.

6. The Future of Everything (2018- present)

Normal people live in the present. Luminaries live in the future. Inventors always keep their eyes into the future so they can eventually lead the world there. ‘The Future of Everything’ is about such people. A team of journalists come together for this podcast. They go around the country in search of tech masters who are tirelessly working to revolutionize the world with their invention. There are things in the future you never thought you needed. Enough of living in the present. The future is already here. To get a grasp of that, listen to ‘The Future of Everything’. You can catch all its episodes here.

5. The WIRED Podcast (2018- present)

I get it if you are not really into understanding the technicalities of your phone and other things. You are content with all that you know, and if you go any further, you will be sorely out of your depth. But you need to stay in touch with the world that is constantly changing. Technology is not just limited to your daily use. It is also intertwined with science and it also has a huge impact on the culture. This is something that you can’t separate yourself from. This is why you should listen to ‘The WIRED Podcast’. It keeps you in touch with all the important stuff. You can listen to all the episodes of this podcast here.

4. IT Visionaries (2018- present)

If technology is running the world now, how can we expect the people behind it to not be the leaders of us all? What does it take to become an IT giant, anyway? What does it feel like to always be ten steps ahead of the rest of the world? What is stopping these visionaries from taking over the world, if they haven’t already! This podcast tries to shed some light on questions like these. What are the challenges that a tech leader has to face and where are their inventions leading us? Know all about it in ‘IT Visionaries’. You can listen to the podcast here.

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3. Note to Self (2016- present)

Anything in excess is harmful, even if it is a medicine. Has technology made our world better? Yes. Should we strive to make better machines? Sure. But should we allow technology to rule our lives? A big damn NO. How your phone is a hazard to you, how it is potentially ruining your life and what can you do to protect yourself from that? It is topics such as these that ‘Note to Self’ focuses on. But it’s not all about the negative stuff, though. It also tells you about the useful strides that technology has taken to make life easier for us. It is informative and thought-provoking. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

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2. 5by5 Specials (2011- present)

This podcast features some prominent guests who discuss recent technological developments. The legacy of some influential figures also finds a room for discussion here. The content is engaging and the hosts are pretty fun. From the tech we need next to the ones we already have and what impact they have on our lifestyle, such are the topics of conversation between them. You can listen to all episodes of ‘5by5 Specials’ here.

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1. MacMost (2019- present)

Smartphones and laptops are continuously updated, in a matter of months, at least. New features are added every day and all of that is to make the tech better equipped to serve us. Yet, we don’t really employ most of these services. Most of the times, this is because we don’t know how to use them. There is a lot you don’t know about your own device yet, and ‘MacMost’ is here to teach you all about it. How to make the best use of your device, discover old features and have an introduction with the new ones – all of it is discussed on this podcast. You can listen to the episodes of this podcast here.

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