Preview: Tough As Nails Episode 4

‘Tough As Nails’, hosted by Phil Keoghan, is a reality competition that airs on CBS. And soon after its two-part premiere, the show has already proved to be an addictive watch. Among the 12 “toughest” blue-collar workers from the US, who are also the contestants, we already have an elimination — Linnett. And this week, the series dropped yet another explosive episode! Do you want to know what transpired in episode 3? Well, we will come to that later. Before that, let’s get to know the release and streaming details of the next episode.

Tough As Nails Episode 4 Release Date:

‘Tough As Nails’ episode 4 will premiere on July 22, 2020, on CBS at 8 pm ET/PT & 7 pm CT. The upcoming episode is called ‘Release the Bull’.

How to Stream Tough As Nails Episode 4 Online?

‘Tough As Nails’, following its two-hour premiere, will release one hourly episode on Wednesday evenings on CBS at the above-mentioned time slot. Simply catch the episodes as and when they drop on tv. Otherwise, with your cable provider login details, you can also watch the episodes on the CBS official website and CBS All Access. For cord-cutters, there are several cable-free streaming options, all of which have a free trial period of usually seven days. Some of these services are AT&T Now and Fubo TV.

Tough As Nails Episode 3 Recap

In the 3rd episode, teams Savage Crew and Dirty Hands are seen going head to head in yet another difficult group challenge. The teams are tasked with dismantling a car. Not only this, after they tear the vehicle apart, they also need to neatly organize the parts and put them inside an assigned box. Of course, Dirty Hands really wants to win since last time, they lost one of their players to Savage Crew. Linnett Key had lost her first individual challenge and she was eliminated from having a go at the grand cash prize. But she can still earn bucks from the group challenges.

Savage Crew comes up with a clever strategy but it seems even this time, luck is not with them. At the start of the task itself, their plans are seen going haywire. In comparison, Dirty Hands is organized. One of their teammates, Lee Marshall holds experience in dealing with cars and he knows what tools should be used when. He leads his crew and they cut the car pieces into halves and then easily fit them inside the box.

Seeing Dirty Hands well ahead in their game, Savage Crew is unable to keep their cool and maintain their concentration. Hence, they flounder and dismantle the whole car in no time. Host Phil thinks that they might be unable to close the box since they have cut down all the parts. But he is proven wrong. Dirty Hands easily packs everything neatly inside the case and win the challenge. They even get a cash prize.

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