Toy Boy Season 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Toy Boy’ is an international television series that is sure to please any viewer’s eyes. The show presents a shocking murder mystery with several twists and turns. However, apart from that, ‘Toy Boy’ also features some ridiculously sexy actors and a premise that makes them strip very frequently. The series’ protagonist, Hugo is a male stripper after all.

The plot of ‘Toy Boy’ follows Hugo when he gets released from prison after seven years. He had been imprisoned after being found next to the burnt body of his client, Macarena’s husband on a boat. Seven years later, his case is re-opened as a major law firm takes it up as a pro-bono act. Macarena belongs to a wealthy and influential business family and her company’s rivalry with the Rojas family is depicted to be at the center of the mysterious murder.

Soon, the case becomes even bigger when it is revealed that Macarena’s son, Andrea had been raped by someone before the murder. His rape is linked to the murder. Moreover, Macarena’s husband, Philip rises from the dead! Technically, he is depicted to have never died and the burnt body is revealed to be that of Alvaro Rojas (of the Rojas family).

Toy Boy Ending:

The final episode of ‘Toy Boy’ is titled ‘Ángeles caídos’ or ‘Fallen Angels.’ Towards the end of the episode, Zapata records Andrea’s testimony. He finally reveals how his father had been involved in the incident. He tells Zapata why his father had decided to fake his own death. However, Zapata does not ask Andrea anything else. He does not ask Andrea how Philip’s death had been staged and who had been actually involved. Triana confronts Zapata about this after the case, but to no avail.

Six weeks later, Hugo shares his intention of becoming a boat captain and starting a family. Andrea and Jairo spend time at the beach while Trianna dances and celebrates with Hugo and his other friends at Inferno. Then, the friends start dancing together on the stage as Triana watches from the side. Suddenly, there is an explosion. Trianna dies…

What Exactly Happened Seven Years Ago?

In the last episode, the truth of the events from seven years ago that form the central mystery of ‘Toy Boy’ is finally revealed. At that time, Andrea had just been a pre-teen boy. He was being taken care of by Mateo.

Andrea was being stubborn and wanted to call his mother. This had aggravated Mateo since he, at that time, used to feel humiliated by Borja and Macarena. So, when Andrea repeatedly mentioned calling Macarena, Mateo lost it. Not completely in his senses, Mateo raped Andrea.

However, Alvaro Rojas had walked in after that. Rojas had started beating Mateo up since he figured out the horrendous thing he had done. In defense, Mateo had hit Rojas with a trophy, causing his death. After that, Philip had arrived.

Philip owed some money to the Rojas family. Mateo had reminded Philip of that. He had told Philip that if the Rojas found out that Alvaros had been killed, it could lead to a huge scandal. Hence, Philip had decided to collaborate with Mateo. Then, Philip had faked his own death. Alvaro’s body had been burnt so that it can be passed off as Philip’s.

Who Killed Triana?

At the end of ‘Toy Boy,’ when it seems as if everyone is going to live happily ever after, a brick is dropped on the viewers’ heads. An explosion at Inferno kills Triana. But who would do such a thing?

Firstly, it ought to be noted that Triana is probably nobody’s target. She is just a lawyer and there isn’t really anybody that would want her dead. It can be reasonably assumed that the explosion was meant for Hugo and/or his friends.

The Irishmen could be responsible for the attack. In the penultimate episode, Hugo and his friends manage to rob the Irishmen of Jairo’s money and Andrea’s pen drive that had been stolen. Germán’s friend had also warned him that the Irishmen might be looking for revenge.

Apart from that, the Rojas family or Inspector Zapata could also be involved. The first season does not reveal who was involved in the cover-up. We still do not know how Alvaro’s body had been burnt and who had been involved in framing Hugo for his death. Perhaps, the Rojas are trying to hide something from the night. Zapata is shown joining hands with Rojas towards the end. Moreover, his morality has been…all over the place. He is a snake, and one does not know his true motifs and intentions as they keep changing.

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