Where Was Toy Boy Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Toy Boy’ has all the Spanish coast appeal that one could ask for: tanned, near-nude hunks, pristine beaches near tropical buildings and cheap thrills in expensive undies. The Spanish-language television series is filled with more eye-candy than one could ever have enough of. While barely covered skin is what a sizeable number of viewers find themselves staring at most of the time, the setting surprisingly competes for a share of the eyeballs as well.

‘Toy Boy’ follows Hugo, a male stripper who gets in bed with Macarena, a rich and powerful woman belonging to an influential business family. Things go south for Hugo when he wakes up on a boat next to the burnt body of Macarena’s husband and is sent to prison. Seven years later, a big law firm picks up his case as a pro-bono act, challenging the court’s original decision.

Toy Boy Filming Locations

‘Toy Boy’ is a tale of lust, corporate greed and power. Packaged in a shimmering seaside wrapper, the series tells a tale that is dark enough to contrast the sunbathed setting. ‘Toy Boy’ is set in a Spanish coastal city called Marbella. The city forms an integral component of the story which almost entirely takes place in Marbella. The city’s local power dynamics have a notable impact on the narrative. Hence, it is natural, especially for international viewers, to wonder whether Marbella is an actual place.

Marbella, Spain

Firstly, ‘Toy Boy’ has been entirely filmed in Spain which should not be too surprising. Secondly, the setting of the Netflix series, Marbella is an actual place and has not been fictionalized. The city is located in Costa del Sol in the Andalusian region of Spain. The Andalusian feel of Marbella is captured extremely authentically on ‘Toy Boy.’

The reason for such authenticity is the fact that ‘Toy Boy’ is actually filmed in the Andalusian region of Spain. The television series is partly filmed in the place that it is set in: Marbella. Marbella is located in the province of Malaga. Filming was also carried out in various places around Marbella in the province of Malaga.

For instance, according to local sources, a large part of the filming was carried out in the El Posito building at Plaza de la Constitución in Vélez-Málaga in the Málaga province. The former grain warehouse had been converted by the production team into the Marbella police station. Apart from that, the place also roughly functioned as the filming base.

Apart from Marbella, filming for ‘Toy Boy’ was also carried out in Fuengirola, Malaga City,  Torremolinos, Mijas and Estepona. Moreover, according to IMDb, filming also took place in Melilla. 

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