Trent Broach: Everything We Know

In Fox’s reality show, ‘Labor of Love’, we get to see the lengths one woman can go to find the love of her life. In this dating series, Kristy Katzmann not only needs to settle on the ideal soulmate but she also wants to discover the father of her future children. Only the right man will make his way to her heart. One of the contestants who is set to prove his worth is Trent Broach. Is he ready to be Kristy’s potential partner? Let’s find out!

Trent Broach: Age, Background, and Profession

Trent is from Denver, CO, and he is 36 years old. One of the younger men in the group, he is a professional tennis player. He trains youngsters in a sports academy. Here’s a post where Trent is seen delicately teaching one of his students. No doubt, he loves his job and also captions it as such: “This kid is only 12! Love it when a student gets good enough to swing away with ??????.” Apart from being a sportsman, Trent is also an artist. In his spare time, he loves doodling.

Trent loves going for adventures. He has a passion for snowboarding and often, accompanies his friends on hikes. Additionally, he is a massive basketball fan.

To top it all, Trent is a huge cat lover. He identifies himself as a ‘cat dad’. In fact, his Insta handle is packed with posts of his adorable feline friends. Check one of those super cute images below:

On the personal front, Trent comes from a big family. Here’s a post of a family reunion — and mind you, this is only from his mom’s side!

Trent Broach Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

Trent might have the right qualities to hit it off with Kristy. First up, he is already well-adjusted to the dynamics of a big family. In fact, his sisters already seem to be giving him lessons. Check out this post which he captions quite aptly: “My sisters taught me that women aren’t these mythical magical unicorn creatures…. they’re actually just like real people! ???.”

And we know that Kristy is on the lookout for a man who not only melts her heart but also will be responsible enough as a potential dad. And Trent might just be the guy for both these jobs! What’s more? Kristy has quite a few posts where she is seen cuddling some cute pups. And Trent is a huge animal lover. Will they both click, noting their mutual interests? Maybe!

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