Trevor Kennison’s Family Now Seems to be Closer to Him Than Ever Before

With Netflix’s ‘Full Circle’ delving deep into the tales of two incredibly inspiring spinal cord injury survivors from different generations, we honestly get a gripping documentary unlike any other. After all, it comprises not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really shine a light upon the way sit-skier Trevor Kennison and late alpinist Barry Corbet changed the world of adaptive extreme sports. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the former’s family — with a specific focus on their influence in his life as well as their current standing — we’ve got the crucial details for you.

Who is Trevor Kennison’s Family?

Although Colombia emigrant Olga Pardo and Massachusetts native Ernie Kennison hail from two distinct corners of this world, they met by pure chance while attending college as marathon runners. It was thus little surprise to many when they soon fell head over heels in love, tied the knot, and ultimately settled in Keene, New Hampshire, before welcoming two children to complete their clan. They were Ashley and Trevor, whom they raised to be pretty active too —these kids swam, played soccer, snowboarded, plus much more, thanks to their parents owning a local sports shop called Athlete’s Corner.

Olga Pardo

In fact, Olga still remembers the way Trevor’s passion for snowboarding developed early on; “You would see nothing but white teeth [through his massive smile] in the little goggles when he was a kid,” she placed in the original. “He wouldn’t even go inside to get something to eat. [He used to say,] ‘Nope, I gotta do it again. I gotta do it again.'” However, the truth is their family life was not all sunshine and roses, which Ashley iterated by stating, “My parents were super busy, running their stores, training for marathons… [They] were extremely absent.”

Even Ernie seconded this by expressing, “I was running two businesses. 12-hour days, sometimes six days a week. Yeah, it was very challenging. There was a lot of challenging moments.” Then came his separation from Olga when Trevor was around 5, which further made things very difficult as subsequent financial constraints led them to shift houses almost every six months. It was the matriarch who’d actually moved out, unaware its emotional toll on her youngest would inadvertently later cause him to fall into deep depression and abuse substances.

Trevor Kennison and Ashley Caruso

That’s when Ashley proved to be crucial — her relocation to Colorado in the hopes of a better life as well as advice to Trevor about pursuing a plumbing career enabled him to start afresh too. She reportedly helped him out a lot during this period and is arguably one of the primary reasons her brother was able to snap out of his brief yet serious spiral, that is, until his 2 014 ski accident. We actually specify this because according to the documentary film, he didn’t have a sound support system while trying to recover from his broken spine plus shattered T11-T12 vertebrae, resulting in him being left paralyzed from the waist down.

As per the production, Ashley was busy with her own life, Olga struggled to watch Trevor undergo physical therapy, and Ernie was so distant it was as if he’d put up a wall so he really had no one. But alas, the former soon came back into the picture to help guide her brother again, which is why he credits her for how quickly he got to a much better place emotionally, mentally, and physically. Her support, along with her loving care, hence may be the reason he is now a thriving professional sit-skier, public figure, disability advocate, plus aspiring motivational speaker — she truly, unwaveringly stood by him at every step of the way.

Where is Trevor Kennison’s Family Now?

From what we can tell, Ernie, Olga, Ashley, and Trevor are now in a much better place; they seem to have reconnected in the years to have passed by and developed a true sense of family. This essentially means they’ve recently begun doing their best to care for, respect, as well as support one another without letting their own opinions, lives, or emotions get in the way for good.

As for their current personal standings, travel enthusiast Ernie seems to be residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, alongside his wife of 3 years, Diane Kennison, whereas Ashley now goes by Ashley Caruso since she’s happily married to Pitkin County, Colorado-based Control Systems Technician Thomas Caruso. On the flip side, Olga apparently prefers to lead a quiet life well away from the limelight these days, so we unfortunately don’t know much regarding her recent life experiences.

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