Trigger Warning: Is Maria’s a Real Bar in New Mexico?

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

The death of her father calls Parker back home in Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning.’ The Special Forces officer’s arrival in the small town she calls home creates a ripple that eventually creates a wave that changes everything for the people living there. It all starts with doubts that surface regarding her father’s demise, the cause of which was previously assumed to have been an accident. While looking into the people who may be responsible for her father’s death, Parker also has the responsibility of the family bar that now falls under her command. The fate of the bar, which her father loved, is an important plot device in the movie. It is, however, not a real place.

Maria’s Bar is a Fictional Plot Device in Trigger Warning

Much like the town of Creation, Swann County, the bar that belongs to Parker is also entirely fictional. The cast and crew of ‘Trigger Warning’ flew to New Mexico to capture the essence of the small town that is rife with crime and corruption due to a select few profiting from it. Several locations around the state, including but not limited to Albuquerque, Española, and Santa Fe, were used to lens the background of the film. The Sangre de Cristo foothills make an appearance in the movie while Parker drives towards her house for the first time since her father’s death.

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

For the house itself, which also serves as the location for the bar, the crew created a set that allowed the unique requirements of Parker’s home. Not using an already existing bar allowed them to set things according to themselves and give the place more character, which would reflect what Parker and her father have. A separate set was created to showcase their residence above the bar. All of this eventually works well in the scene where a standoff takes place between Parker and the villains, who end up torching the place.

Apart from serving as a primary location for conflict, the house and the bar also serve as Parker’s emotional cornerstones. With her father gone, Maria’s is the only thing she has left that feels familiar to her. Even though she is intent on selling the place, she is still a little sentimental about it because she knows her father poured his heart into the place. Even the name of the bar comes from her grandmother’s name, which adds another emotional factor.

Interestingly, Parker’s father’s bar shares its name with a real restaurant called Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen. The Mexican restaurant is located in Santa Fe, which is one of the primary filming locations for the Netflix flick. However, the similarity between the names is entirely coincidental, and the real Santa Fe restaurant has nothing to do with the one in the movie, which is entirely fictional.

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