Trigger Warning (2024): All Locations of the Netflix Movie Explored

In Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning,’ directed by Indonesian director Mouly Surya, a high-octane action fest ensues when an ex-military officer, Parker (Jessica Alba), is caught in a deadly duel with forces of the underworld in her hometown. After Parker takes over the ownership of her father’s bar, she faces opposition from a criminal gang and syndicate who have quietly dismantled the authorities in the locality through nefarious tactics. The commando revisits her past by employing her skills to unravel the conspiracy that has taken root in the heart of her remote town and the evil at the center of it.

The action-thriller depicts a rural town in the middle of the desert. With a sense of isolation, foreboding, and a secluded ambiance that heightens the machinations of the criminals running amok in the out-of-control neighborhood, ‘Trigger Warning’ trusts in the old-town aesthetic of its setting. Naturally, it raises intrigue surrounding its locales and the filming locations used to bring the film’s action storyline to life.

Where Was Trigger Warning Filmed?

‘Trigger Warning’ was filmed in New Mexico, specifically in regions around Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Española. Small towns and open desert landscapes were part of the film’s overarching narrative, so the southern state’s dusty outdoors proved ideal for filming. However, the area also boasts a diverse ecology beyond its rural desert imprint, which was utilized by the crew. New Mexico is geographically complex, featuring mesas, canyons, grasslands, mountains, and urban centers in the form of its largest city, Albuquerque. The production team of the Jessica Alba-starrer shot the action thriller from September 1, 2021, to its wrap date on October 27 of the same year.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

‘Trigger Warning’ was shot in the rustic and Spanish-influenced locales of New Mexico’s capital city. The place has been home to a long line of historical and artistic inspirations that have lent it a sense of deep heritage visible in the city’s architectural roots. The scenes showcasing Parker’s return home to inherit her father’s bar were filmed in the city on the Sangre de Cristo foothills. The team found the charm and picturesque old-school vibes of the municipality suited to bring her hometown’s magical but realistic tone. Located in the eponymous county and a favorable shooting site for many filmmakers, Santa Fe’s many landmarks and visually striking locales hosted a major portion of the production.

Other Locations in Santa Fe County, New Mexico

An out-of-the-way village called Lamy, located 18 miles south of the city, within Santa Fe county, was vital for taping a few scenes. The tiny, sparsely populated region was utilized to bring the rural and country aspects of the film’s setting to the fore. Another area within the same county, Los Cerrillos, also served as a filming locale in ‘Trigger Warning.’ The village is home to an eclectic collection of artwork and galleries, which falls on a scenic road between the capital city and Albuquerque. This state highway, commonly called the Turquoise Trail, hosts another artistically driven village called Madrid. Once a coal mining town, this whimsical locale, although in a remote and isolated region with nothing in sight, was used for recording certain shots.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

While the rustic and rural charm of remote and old school towns were brought to life in Santa Fe county, the largest city in the state, Albuquerque, was crucial to the filming for the contrast it provided as a modern city with elements of heritage sprinkled throughout. Its stunning cityscape offered the right mix of old versus new, allowing the capture of dynamic action and fight sequences within the film on its streets and various establishments. The team also shot the scenes featuring strongholds and bases of the gang terrorizing Parker’s hometown in the New Mexico city, its busy and packed locales serving as the fitting backdrop for the protagonist’s action journey.

Española, New Mexico

Española, situated in the Rio Arriba county, is a city that began its life as a railroad village. The city is close to Los Alamos County, where the Manhattan Project occurred. Shooting for a handful of scenes in ‘Trigger Warning’ was undertaken in the historically relevant region, which has a cultural blend of Hispanic and Native American roots. The city is in a valley where three rivers meet — Rio Grande, Rio Chama, and Rio Santa Cruz. Thus, it has a diversity in its urban sprawl alongside the natural harmony present in its outskirt locales and the mountains surrounding it.

Zia Pueblo, New Mexico

James Saul//Image Credit: Facebook/Deadline

Some scenes were filmed in a remote Native American village about 40 miles north of Albuquerque called Zia Pueblo. The nearest city to the community set atop a basalt mesa is Bernalillo in Sandoval County. During the shooting, an accident with a cable caused an injury to crew member James Saul. It happened in a scene where the cable towing an ambulance broke and struck Saul on his leg. He was reportedly confined to a wheelchair and had a cast put on his leg. Later, he posted an X-ray image on his social media warning other people who work on movies to be careful. The incident was thankfully not a fatal one and the crew member rejoined the production.

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