Trigger Warning: How did Parker’s Father Die?

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning,’ Jessica Alba plays the role of Parker, a Special Forces officer who comes home to settle her father’s affair. She discovers that he has died, and the circumstances, as reported by the locals, suggest that his death was an accident. However, as Parker digs into the case, it unexpectedly leads her to a bunch of corrupt people and the devious plans of a domestic terrorist. In between all this, she also discovers that the truth behind her father’s death had been kept from her, and what really happened to him is connected to the individuals whose crimes Parker is now looking into. SPOILERS AHEAD

Parker’s Father was Killed to Protect Swann’s Interests

Parker hadn’t been to their hometown in a long time, but when she returned, she discovered everything was pretty much the same here. The town is run by a family, the Swanns, whose patriarch, Ezekiel, is a senator and whose son, Jesse, now runs the police department. The younger Swann, Elvis, has always been a delinquent, and Parker prefers to keep her distance from him. There is nothing that her father had in common with the Swanns, but it turns out that they had a part to play in his death.

The official story is that Parker’s father had been in the caves, where he often hung out when the ceiling fell in on him. The fall-ins in caves are not unheard of, and Parker doesn’t give much thought to the matter. But then, Jesse tries to make it look like a suicide, and this rattles Parker because she knew her father well enough to know that he would never kill himself. To clear the air, she decides to check out the site of his death and discovers that the fall-in was instigated by a grenade. But why would her father explode a grenade in the cave when he knows how hazardous it would be for him?

A few days later, Parker hears the sound of a grenade going off in the distance and discovers Elvis trying out all sorts of weapons, which he should not be in possession of. This leads her to theorize that perhaps Elvis messed up while playing around with the military-grade weapons, which resulted in the collapse of the cave. The more pertinent question now is, how is Elvis in possession of such weapons? When she pulls at the thread of this mystery, the entire tapestry of the crime comes apart, and eventually, the truth comes to light. Elvis was, in a way, responsible for her father’s death, but not the one who killed him.

Parker Discovers Jesse’s Betrayal

While Parker generally disliked the Swanns, she had a soft spot for Jesse. They had dated in high school, and while their lives took them in different directions, they still had leftover feelings from their romance all those years ago. While looking into Elvis’ actions, Parker believes Jesse is a good guy and will be on her side. But then, it turns out that he is in on his family’s crimes, and he is the one responsible for her father’s death.

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Elvis dealt in arms, and to fulfill his clients’ demands, he stole from the military depot. The best way in and out of the place was through the caves owned by Parker’s father. For a while, Elvis succeeded in going in and out of caves without her father’s knowledge, but then, the old man found out about it. This was a huge problem for the Swann family because if Parker’s father came out about it, it would ruin Ezekiel Swann’s political career and land him and his sons in prison. Jesse tried to cut a deal with him by offering him money in return, but it didn’t go through.

To save his family from ruin, Jesse shot at Parker’s father, who had been trying to close the path that connected the caves to the military depot. It is unclear how exactly the following events went down, but Parker’s father had a grenade, which went off and resulted in the fall-in. Thus, it’s proved that his death wasn’t an accident, but he was murdered by Jesse and the Swann family, who wanted to protect their interests at all costs.

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