Trinkets Season 2 Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Trinkets’ returns with a second season which expands the story of three girls who meet each other at Shoplifters Anonymous. While the first season focused on developing their friendship and was more about having fun, this time around, the girls learn to face the consequences of their actions. By the end of the season, we see remarkable growth in their characters, and the story ends on a hopeful note for all of them. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary

Elodie comes home after spending two days on the road with Sabine’s crew. She discovers that Brady has taken the blame for sinking the car, and she, Moe, and Tabitha start to think that things might get better for them after all. Elodie joins the school band and meets Jillian. Moe’s brother Ben’s return leads to the resurfacing of old feelings for Tabitha, who is heartbroken after Luca starts ghosting her.

The complications in her relationship with Noah lead Moe on a difficult path. When Chase kisses her, Kayla takes their picture and sends it to Brady. Now that he has an upper hand on her, he threatens to send that picture to Noah and end their relationship for good. The other alternative is for Moe to do a favor to him. On the day of the robotics competition, she is to steal exam papers from their teacher’s laptop. It looks like even after using the car incident to get himself more time to study, Brady did not make use of it and still needs some trickery to get himself into Stanford. Moe, who has patched up with Noah after the events of the soccer game, doesn’t want yet another thing to mess up their relationship. But she also knows that she can’t do it alone.

She asks for help from Tabitha and Elodie, who help her steal despite their wish to put a stop to their kleptomania. Their efforts pay off and Brady gets the papers. Later, when he gets good grades and finally gets his confirmation into Stanford, he thanks Moe, in a way of mocking her. He also keeps his word and doesn’t show the picture to Noah, who doesn’t like him ever since he came to know about his abusive behavior towards Tabitha.

The Ending

Even though everything goes smoothly, Brady’s overconfidence becomes the undoing of all. He boasts about how his contact got him the papers and Noah overhears this. He tells their teacher about this, following which Brady tells them that someone had uploaded the papers on the cloud and insinuates that it was done on the day of the robotics competition. Believing that it was Moe who ratted him out, Brady sends the picture to Noah, which leads to their break-up.

Things get all the worse when the investigation into who stole the papers leads the authorities to Chase. Because Moe had used his laptop at that time, he becomes the suspect and the whole school starts to create rumors around him. As Chase had suspected, this smears the reputation of the robotics club and their funding is threatened. Moe also feels bad about it because Chase had tried to find out who was responsible for this thing to lead the suspicion away from the robotics club. Also, this black mark on his academic career sabotages his future, guaranteeing that he wouldn’t get into any good college.

As things get bad for Chase, Moe feels all the worse. It becomes clear to her that coming out is the only way to save him and redeem herself of all the guilt. Meanwhile, Elodie is also confronted with her actions when her brother, Spencer, starts to steal things. She realizes that she is not setting a good example for him and is not doing herself any favors either. Finally, she decides to give back all the things she had stolen and start anew, along with trying to mend her relationship with Jillian. Tabitha discovers that Brady is being abusive to Kayla and realizes that it is about time Brady paid for his actions.

The trio decides to tell the whole truth to the school. Tabitha creates an exhibition of her bruises, describing her relationship with Brady through pictures. They also leave a note where they confess to stealing papers and explain that they did it because they were blackmailed by Brady. Now that everyone knows what happened, Brady is outcasted by all. Kayla breaks up with him, and Chase is proven innocent.

All ends well for everyone, and while they might not get what they want or are still in the process of discovering who they are, we know that things are only going to get better for them. Even if they get into bad situations, they will have each other. Elodie starts to get better regarding her addiction, which also allows Jillian to give another chance to their relationship. Moe starts to focus on her academics, and a passing interaction with Noah shows that things have started to thaw between them. Whether or not they will get back together is for the future to decide. Tabitha, on the other hand, makes peace with the divorce of her parents and starts to rebuild the relationship with her father. She also focuses on photography and eventually gets to have her own exhibition. As for her relationship with Ben, who is pursuing his love for cooking in a culinary school, it is not going anywhere. Neither is her friendship with Moe and Elodie.

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