Trunk Locked In Ending, Explained: How Does Malina Escape From the Trunk?

Amazon Prime Video’s German film ‘Trunk: Locked In’ ends with Malina Voss’ efforts to escape from the trunk of her kidnappers’ car. Malina deals with the revelation that her boyfriend Enno orchestrated her kidnapping to earn money from her father Wolfgang Voss while she has been dreaming of building a life together with him. Malina uses her sister Mone Voss’ pregnancy to trick Enno into thinking that he is going to be a father. Her plan works as Enno gets convinced that Malina is pregnant but “The Driver” doesn’t let his partner free the woman in captivity, forcing her to rely on the last resort! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Trunk: Locked In Plot Synopsis

‘Trunk: Locked In’ begins with Malina gaining consciousness inside the trunk of a car. She fails to move her legs after several attempts. The doctor then opens the trunk, only to see the silhouette of a man, who is walking towards the vehicle. At the same time, her phone rings inside a bag. Before the man locks the trunk, Malina manages to retrieve her phone and lie down pretending to be passed out. After the car starts moving, she tries to reach someone for help. Her sister Mone calls her to share the news of her getting pregnant, only for Malina to interrupt and say that she needs help. Mone thinks that her sister is joking with her and cuts the call.

Malina soon discovers a cut on her body through which she is losing blood. As a doctor, she realizes that she has lost a kidney. Using a lace from her shoe, she “stitches” the wound. A video she recorded shows a kidnapper handling her boyfriend Enno and forcing her to drink a bottle of water, which made her pass out. Malina then calls the emergency number, only to get connected to a dispatcher named Elisa Kühne. Elisa asks Malina to give her any information that would help her track the car. While she is talking to the dispatcher, her father Wolfgang Voss calls her after receiving a ransom demand.

Since Malina left her home with Enno for a South American trip that was supposed to last six months, her father thinks that the ransom demand is his daughter’s trick to get money from him. When he realizes that Malina is serious, he suspects the Gabriels, the parents of a kid who died amid surgery by the doctor. Meanwhile, Enno calls her and makes it clear that he is in the same car and the ransom has to be paid. After listening to the kidnapper saying that he will kill her at 4:30, Malina becomes panicked. Her father pays the ransom but the kidnappers don’t respond to him, indicating that they do not plan to free her.

Trunk: Locked In Ending: How Does Malina Escape From the Trunk?

Malina first tries to escape when “The Driver” stops at a gas station to fill the gas in the car. Unfortunately, the place is isolated for anyone to help or save her from the kidnapper. But stalling him in the place helps her as Elisa succeeds in figuring out where exactly Malina is. After the kidnapper continues his journey, she tries to attract attention using an iron rod she manages to take from the bottom of the car. Malina takes out the backlight of the vehicle and waves her fingers through the hole for someone to spot her. When a man does, the kidnapper drives fast, causing several accidents.

After two unsuccessful attempts, Malina learns that her father paid the ransom demanded by the kidnappers. From Elisa, she learns that the ransom call was from Enno’s phone, only for her to demand the truth from her boyfriend. When Enno reveals his involvement in the kidnapping and adds that the kidnappers won’t free her, Malina realizes that she has to be clever to save herself. She shares her sister Mone’s pregnancy ultrasound with Enno to convince him that she is pregnant with his child. As someone who has been dreaming of having kids, Enno falls for the trick and tries to negotiate with the driver.

However, the driver doesn’t budge at all. Even when Enno says that Malina’s father has more money to transfer, the kidnapper sticks to his plan. To save his supposed child rather than Malina, Enno causes an accident, likely by pulling the hand brake of the car. His attempt fails when the driver kills him by shooting him down. Enno’s death makes it clear to Malina that she is in a “do or die” situation. She cannot rely on the authorities because they are in the Czech Republic. By the time the German and Czech authorities deal with the protocols, she would be dead.

Thus, Malina decides to risk her life for a last attempt to save herself. She puts the iron rod she took from the bottom of the car in between the spokes of one of the tires. The car ends up in a river. Luckily, she manages to find a way to crawl into the seating part of the car. The front windshield of the car is already broken, possibly after Enno caused the accident or right after Malina put the iron rod in between the spokes, which made it possible for her to swim to the surface of the river. By then, the authorities reach the place with an ambulance.

Malina saves herself with utmost resilience. Even while confronting death at a short distance, she does several things right, which eventually helps her escape from the trunk. If her innovative thinking and skills as a doctor hadn’t helped her treat her wound with a shoelace, she may have died losing blood. Despite not being able to move half of her body, she manages to tear the trunk’s platform apart to find an iron rod that saves her. Since Malina stalls the kidnapper at the gas station and indirectly causes a series of accidents, Elisa succeeds in coordinating with the officials who arrive by the river to rescue her and provide her with medical support.

Why Did the Kidnappers Want to Kill Malina?

When Enno orchestrated Malina’s kidnapping, the plan was to get ransom money and free her. After getting involved with several shady people and in several predicaments, he wants the money to free himself from them. However, what he hasn’t anticipated is their viciousness. The kidnappers, including “The Driver,” are seemingly a part of an organ trafficking ring that takes advantage of the kidnapping planned and co-executed by Enno. After abducting Malina, they operated on her to steal her kidney. They then decided against freeing her. There can be two reasons why they want to kill her.

First, the kidnappers may not want to expose themselves by freeing Malina. If they let her go, there is a possibility of her leading the authorities to not only them but also the entire organ trafficking ring. Their whole operation may get jeopardized through Malina. The kidnappers may not want to take such a risk by letting Malina run away from them. As far as they are concerned, she is a nobody, and killing her is a risk-free endeavor. Therefore, they may have considered the possibility of being vulnerable by freeing her. Another possible reason can be that they were not done with her.

The kidnappers might have had plans to harvest more organs from Malina. That can be the reason why the driver takes her to the Czech Republic, where a possible client has been waiting for her organs. The driver and his accomplices may have already struck a deal with someone to harvest her organs, which explains why he doesn’t listen to the offer of more money from Malina’s father.

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