Truth Be Told Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Truth Be Told’ is a mystery drama centered around the investigative journalist Poppy Parnell and her podcast. The opening episode of season 2 finds her unwillingly pulled into another seemingly convoluted case when the husband of her childhood friend Micah is found brutally murdered. Poppy is on the case, but considering how close to home it is, there is a definite apprehension visible in her approach. The opening episode also gives us glimpses of an ominous figure but tells us very little about them. Let’s dive in to make sure we’ve picked up every little detail from the ending of ‘Truth Be Told’ season 2 episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Truth Be Told Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 opens with Micah alone in her mansion, thinking to herself how she’s been discarded for most of her life. Unable to fall asleep on her plush bed, she goes to her car, curls up in the back seat, and is finally able to relax. We then see her at Shreve’s bar — The Knock — where it is revealed that Micah is childhood friends with the Scoville sisters and had spent many years living on the streets. She and Poppy are particularly close, and the two reminisce about how they’ve both survived and became successful.

Poppy and Micah then meet at an event celebrating Micah’s book ‘Discard,’ which has brought her global fame and the wealth that goes with it. She is also the head of a women’s lifestyle brand called Shelter, which works with homeless youngsters like she once was. At the event, Poppy meets Micah’s husband Josh, who she’s also known for 20 years. The two seem happy to meet each other, but Josh seems distant and asks Poppy to meet him privately. Later that night, when they all come home to Micah’s, Josh is found dead in his studio along with another man.

Truth Be Told Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: Who Killed Josh? Who is the Person With Him?

Poppy, Ingram, and Micah are shocked and call the police. However, the detective who shows up is cold and seems irritated by Poppy’s presence, asking her whether she’s going to investigate this crime as well. Poppy mentions a group called the Sons of Ivar and that they could possibly have something to do with the murder, but the detective brushes her questions aside.

Micah remains home under the care of her assistant Ramon, who admits to never liking Josh because of the string of affairs he had while he was with Micah. Later that night, Micah steps out into a dangerous neighborhood and procures drugs, but Poppy is able to convince her to come home and not give in to her misery. As Micah stays the night over, Poppy records the first episode of her new podcast series, focussing on Josh’s murder.

The episode then closes with a mysterious person putting together a detailed replica of Micah’s house. Along with that, we also see pictures of her and Poppy lying next to a gun. And so, the season 2 mystery is underway with the brutal murder of Poppy’s old friend Josh. He is found in his studio, naked, along with the dead body of another man on top of him. The other man’s identity has not yet been revealed, but considering the two are naked, he could be a lover.

Josh is revealed to have had multiple extramarital affairs, and though his partners were generally female, maybe his sexual preferences were something Josh kept a secret. Of course, there is also the strong possibility that the bodies are laid out naked by the murderer in order to send a message or hide the motive of the killing by confusing investigators. Additionally, the group known as the Sons of Ivar, on whom Josh made a famous documentary, are also potential suspects in his murder.

What is Micah’s Backstory?

Micah is a childhood family friend of Poppy’s and seemingly got introduced to the family when she tried to steal from Shreve’s bar, which they still tease her about. As a child, she took money from the till at the bar and ran out, only to be chased by the Scoville sisters. The girls got into a fight in the alley and were discovered by Shreve, and their friendship grew from there. From what we can see, Micah is almost part of the family, though Shreve admits to feeling hurt that she didn’t ask them for shelter for all the years she spent homeless on the streets.

Micah found success when she shared her experiences of being a “discarded” child in her book ‘Discard,’ which made her world-famous and helped set up her lifestyle brand Shelter, which also seems to do charitable work. Micah has a massive fan following, some of whom she admits can be “intense,’ because they share many of the traumatic experiences she describes in her book. Micah is also known to have a stalker but doesn’t suspect her hand in Josh’s murder. However, the stalker, combined with the room full of hate mail that Micah has received, tells us that there are quite a few people who would like to potentially cause her harm.

Who is Building the Miniature House Replica?

The brief opening scene of a mysterious figure painting a doll’s lips with their blood — and the closing scene of possibly the same person building a detailed replica of Micah’s house — tells us that there is someone in the shadows who is watching the world-famous author very closely. The mysterious figure also has photographs of Micah and Poppy, which are seen lying on a table along with a gun.

The motivations of this person, and the reason for building the miniature house, remain unknown. Both Josh and Micah seem to have different rivals, and the mysterious figure might not even be the one behind Josh’s death, considering their focus is more on Micah than on her dead husband. However, at this point, this is speculation, and more about this mysterious figure will doubtless be revealed in future episodes.

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