Is Trying Based on a True Story?

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‘Trying’ created by Andy Wolton is a comedy-drama series that is based on a couple who can’t conceive. Hit with this tragic news, they slowly embark on a journey of getting themselves prepared for adopting a child. The series is filled with its share of domestic comedy, keeping the pain and hope quite real.  Starring Rafe Spall as Jason and Esther Smith as Nikki, the series takes special care to enrich its comedy with real emotions. This is a rising pattern in many comedy-dramas that keeps it real through fits of laughter.

Is Trying Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Trying’ is not based on a true story. However, it borrows from the universal pain many go through the moment they get to know that they can’t have children. Though the series is based in fiction, there is one small, yet important similarity it bears with its creator, Andy Wolton, who himself was adopted, growing up. This could have been the driving force of having created such a series. Nonetheless, the series is centered around the lives of Nikki and Jason, as they navigate a new path to adoption.

It is a statical fact that out of 100 couples in the US, around 13 people have infertility issues. Not just the US, about 15 % of couples across the world cannot conceive. This happens in either of two ways. One is the inability to conceive, and the other is to successfully complete the course of pregnancy. Thus, the premise of the series is based on a fundamental fact that haunts many individuals who want to have kids. As a society, one of the many things that are engrained in us is the desire to have children, who then become the sole focus of the parents’ lives. Regardless of whether one wants children or not, the choice of ever having them taken away can be upsetting to many.

However, that aside, increased infertility problems have also led many to adopt children and lead happy lives. The series tries to focus on that aspect. Though there is some stigma attached to adoption, even in the most developed nations, the series bends around that to highlight the struggles of two individuals who are on a journey to perfect themselves before they become parents.

Parenthood is one of the toughest things one can undertake in life. Thus, the series highlights the transformation that the couple goes through personally to acclimate themselves emotionally and otherwise to the process. The adoption policies and legal work isn’t exactly a bed of roses either. While it is understandable, it can still be a frustrating experience for many. Hence, the series combines all these challenges through its humor, but also pulling at one’s heartstrings.

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