Twin Love: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Amazon Prime’s ‘Twin Love’ is a social dating experiment that traces the romantic journey of several identical twins. As the twins are separated from their other half, they find themselves deep-diving into prospective connections with other singles. Seeing the numerous relationships that flowered during the season, fans have continued to wonder more about the individuals and their posthumous journey.

Baelee is Claiming New Responsibilities in her Career

Since winning the season’s best couple with Samir, Baelee has gone back to exploring other opportunities. Despite finding a deep connection with the Syrian native, the Colorado-based television personality couldn’t see herself building a future with him. Nevertheless, the 22-year-old is now focusing on finding new opportunities. She is currently working as a Campaign Coordinator with The Influencer Marketing Factory. On the personal front, she continues to find new avenues of success and growth with her sister. Whenever the duo aren’t working, they like to unwind and enjoy sisterhood.

Zoie is an Academically-Endowed Reality Star with a Flourishing Career

After initially finding a connection with Luke, Zoie found herself enthralled by Samer. After the show, Zoie has been focusing on creating new milestones in her career. She is currently working as the Junior Talent Coordinator at The Influencer Marketing Factory, a marketing agency. In addition to working closely with her sister, the summa cum laude graduate from Florida State University is also accruing an ever-evolving following on social media. Since the show, she’s been creating new milestones with her family and looks forward to new opportunities.

Ceara Has Returned to Her Booming Career

Albeit twins, Ceara’s experience in relationships hadn’t been good in the past. While she found common ground with Andrew, she ended up calling it quits after realizing that they may not have a relationship in the long run. Since then, she’s been working as an Operations Manager at Skyvisions USA in North Carolina. Previously a technical recruiter for TEKsystems, the television personality is also an influencer and regularly shares life’s newest highlights with her ever-evolving following on social media.

Cameron Has Returned to Working as a Model

Like her sister, Cameron had also hoped to find a long-lasting connection that would sustain the test of time. Ultimately, she found that connection with Matthew in the Garden House. Even though the two walked out of the season hand in hand, their relationship couldn’t sustain the distance. Since the show, Cameron has returned to creating new strides as an up-and-coming model. Like her sister, Cameron is also signed with Marilyn’s agency and continues to look forward to new milestones in her professional and personal life.

Hanna Now Enjoys Professional Success

From working hard to having a strong sisterly bond, Hanna and Sabella deeply missed each other throughout their time apart in the season. Despite a brief jaunt, the women were able to discover a better understanding of their romantic interests on the show. Since then, Hanna has returned to working as a Client Success Agent with Keri Shull. The Ethiopian-born reality star holds a degree in sociology and political science and continues to go upward in her professional trajectory. On the personal front, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones and dog, Demi.

Sabella Enjoys Her Career and Life with Her Sister

The Howard University graduate has continued to give wings to her creative feat since her time on the show. From working with a myriad of clientele to having experience in digital marketing, Sabella is now working as a Salon Manager for Aveda Georgetown. Based in Washington, D.C., with her sister, Sabella continues to embark on life’s new challenges with her sister by her side. When she’s not working, she likes to unwind with her sister, Hanna, and their dog, Demi.

Madison and Jair Are Happy Together Even Today

Discovering the prospect of forevermore in the series, Madison gelled with Jair from the get-go. Not only did she leave the season with a trusted companion by her side, but she also managed to maintain her relationship henceforth. Since the show, she has been continuing her journey with Jair. Based in Georgia with her sister, the 29-year-old is an avid traveler and shares her globetrotting journey with her friends and family online.

Morgan is Consistently Making Strides in Her Career

While Morgan couldn’t find the love she had hoped for, the television personality is still making milestones in her career and other aspects of life. Morgan is currently the Senior Client Services Manager in Curation for Criteo. With more than six years of experience in the corporate world, the television personality also retains an interest in social media and has kickstarted her journey as an individual. When she’s not working, the 29-year-old likes to unwind and spend time with her sister and loved ones.

Whittnay Shares Life’s Highlights with Her Sister Even Today

Whittnay had developed a deep connection with David after Hanna was eliminated from the season. While their relationship was strong during the Prime series, the duo couldn’t embark on a long-lasting relationship. After filming the series, Whittnay has resumed her professional trajectory. While she’s decidedly quiet about her life, she still likes to share her life’s highlights on Instagram.

Brittnay and Aaron Have Now Separated

After the season came to a close, Brittany had thought that she and Aaron could continue to map the road to forevermore. However, after visiting him, she realized that she wasn’t ready to be a stepmother to Aaron’s son and decided to call it quits. Since the show, the television personality has kept a relatively low profile. However, she shares snippets of her journey with her sister online.

Andrew is Now Working At Adobe

From exploring the realm of romance in the season to creating a strong bond with others, Andrew managed to win the hearts of several people. Since his time on the Prime series, he has been working as a Business Development Representative for Adobe in Texas. Formerly a strategic BDR in Fairmarkit, the industry expert has been making new strides in his passion, too. Along with his twin, Andrew continues to map the road to success working in electronic music.

Matthew is a Burgeoning Musician Even Today

Matthew wore his heart on his sleeve for Cameron and managed to find a strong love, too. While their connection had seemed unbreakable, the couple ultimately parted ways after they walked out of the show. Since then, Matthew has continued to focus on his work and passion. He has since regained the reins of Emerald Tech, a musician group consisting of him and his brother. Together, the electronic musicians have recently released their new track, ‘When I Saw You’ recently.

David Has Returned to Overlooking the Operations of His Entrepreneurial Venture

As the collective owners of the first Black-owned delivery service, David and Aaron had hoped to find love besides succeeding as entrepreneurs. While David had initially found a connection with Hanna, things changed when she was eliminated. Ultimately, he and Whittnay decided to give their relationship a go. Since the show, the 26-year-old businessman has continued to revolutionize the food industry and helps black-owned businesses gain more exposure. Their company, Black and Mobile, continues to touch new heights.

Aaron Runs a Lucrative Business and Parents His Son Even Today

As the co-founder of Black and Mobile, Aaron has continued to focus on creating groundbreaking differences in the realm of business and the food industry. While the television personality had found love with Brittnay and even divided to remain monogamous to her, things changed when the duo left the house. Since their separation, Aaron has continued to focus on the upbringing of his son, Caleb. The television personality and traveler continues to find new avenues of success.

Jair and Madison Continue to Make New Milestones Even Today

Jair and Madison’s attraction to each other was instant. The duo have continued their love for one another since leaving the show. While he continues to explore new avenues in his relationship with Madison, he’s also achieving new milestones in his career. The 26-year-old from Philadelphia is now a coach at Greenwich Village Athletic Gym in New York.

Mickey is Now Focusing on His Career

While Mickey’s sojourn on ‘Twin Love’ couldn’t find him the love he had hoped to seek, the other half of the Bernier mirror twins has been exploring new avenues of success as a professional. Mickey is currently a coach at the West Village Athletic Gym. The 26-year-old trainer has even appeared on the ‘All In Athletes’ and ‘Stay for the Stories’ podcasts too.

Samir Has Shifted His Focus Onto His Work

Having come to the States after witnessing years of struggle in Syria, the 32-year-old decided to put his dreams and aspirations first. After graduating with a marketing degree, he propelled into action and kickstarted his business. During this time, he escaped the war-torn country with his family and started from scratch in a foreign land. After years of blood, sweat, and tears, he and his twin have managed to make their mark in the restaurant scene of Los Angeles. The duo are owners of 5 restaurants in the city and continue to embark on new adventures. On the personal front, Samir has been single since parting ways with Baelle.

Samer Enjoys Traveling and Running His Business Even Today

Carrying the torch of entrepreneurship, Samer spent himself equally in ensuring that he and his brother could create a business from the ground up. Since the show, the ½ of the twins have returned to overlooking the operations of their joint venture. As the owner of the famous Crave Cafe, Samer has continued to devote his time and energy to making an impact in his work. The avid traveler recently took a trip to Lebanon.

Seth is Now Focusing on Creating New Milestones

Finding his heart drawn towards Baelle, Seth had managed to find a brewing connection with the Denver native in the series. However, his expectation for something more was cut short when he and his twin, Luke, were eliminated following a coupling. Since the show, Seth has understood the things he wants from life quite well. The Missouri State University graduate is now working on finding new opportunities in his career and creating new milestones with his brother. Albeit quiet about his personal life, the 25-year-old has stated that he’s since learned a lot about himself and relationships in an interview with Kansas Pitch.

Luke is a Certified Real Estate Agent and Account Manager

Luke’s genuine connection and affection for Zoie had been cut short when he and Seth had to leave the house in the second coupling and elimination. Since his time on the season, the 25-year-old has been working on his career and personal development. The licensed real estate agent is now working as an Account Manager at Applied Technologies. Formerly a Market Development Account Executive with FedEx, Luke continues to enjoy new avenues of success in his life with hsi friends and family.

Maddie is a Renowned Musician Even Today

Maddie’s vibrant energy had become one of the many reasons for members to look forward to creating a connection with her. While her time on the show had been cut short unexpectedly, the television personality has since returned to making new memories with her twin. As part of a band, the online creator and musician continues to find new avenues of success personally and professionally. When she’s not working, Maddie likes to unwind and relax with her rescue pup, Atlas.

Gabby is an Online Creator and Singer

Joining hands with her sister on all counts, the Los Angeles-based musician decided to exit the house on her own terms. Since saying goodbye to her castmates, Gabby has returned to working as a musician with her sister. Half of the M&G band, Gabby, is also an online creator and commands a significant following on social media. Besides work, the avid traveler likes to hang out with her friends and family to unwind.

Luv’s Real-Estate Business Caters to Athletes, Pop Stars, and Actors

Having been brought up in a real estate and construction business, Luv wasn’t foreign to the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to create a successful business. To bring his aspirations to life, the 25-year-old kickstarted Chandani Twins with his brother, Kush. As the top 1% of realtors in the States, the siblings have managed to scale their business exponentially. Since the show, the celebrity realtors have been focusing on enhancing their professional trajectory. With a degree in Industrial Systems Engineering, he continues collating his intelligence to create new milestones with his brother, who is also his bandmate and THEMXXNLIGHT member.

Kush is Overlooking the Operations of the Chandani Group Even Today

The other half of the Chandani twins, Kush has continued his understanding of tech and real estate to bring in great clientele for their brand. Having graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the 4th best engineering university in the world, Kush has been co-leading the operations of the Chandani Group, their real estate business. From servicing athletes to pop stars, the 25-year-old television personality consistently maps the road to success with his brother. As a member of THEMXXNLIGHT, he is committed to creating new milestones in his professional and personal. Most recently, the duo released another track entitled, ‘Designer.’

Rhi is Now Focusing on Evolving Personally and Professionally

Born in Scotland, once a professional soccer player, Rhi connected with Mickey based on their shared love for sports and athletics. However, their association ran its course faster than anticipated. Ultimately, the duo didn’t see things through beyond the last coupling. Since then, the television personality has returned to Manchester and has now supposedly found love.

Moo is Honing Her Skills as a Customer Success Risk Manager

In the hopes of creating a deep connection, Moo decided to enter the social dating experiment with her twin sister. However, in the end, she couldn’t create a connection in a short time and walked away from the show following Mickey and Rhi’s decision to separate. Since the show, the Manchester-based television personality has returned to working with ThreatConnect. Moo is a Customer Success Risk Manager and eight years of experience working in the professional field.

Shelby’s Intersectional Talents Win Her Acclaim Even Today

While Shelby had managed to create an emotional connection with Andrew, things couldn’t progress further as he and Ceara had already developed a strong bond. Since the show, Shelby has returned to creating new milestones in her professional and personal life. The yoga instructor and photographer wear several hats. A musician like her renowned grandfather, Shelby regularly shares snippets of her life on her special media.

Ally is Now Focusing on Evolving as a Musician

Despite finding little time to connect with the members in the season, it was hinted that Ally and Mickey had found common ground since their exit from the show. Besides this, she has been making progress as a musician and has even released a streak of tracks.

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