Escaping Twin Flames: Where Are the Former Members Now?

As a Cecilia Peck-directed true crime documentary series living up to its title in nearly every way conceivable, Netflix’s ‘Escaping Twin Flames’ can only be described as bewildering and intriguing. That’s because it comprises both archival audio-video footage as well as exclusive interviews with key individuals to really shine a light upon the way Twin Flames Universe is nothing but a cult. Amongst those to thus extensively feature in this original to help navigate the same were several former members — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got the details for you.

Keely Now Plans to Study Law

Ever since Keely parted ways from the aforementioned organization in 2021, she has been trying her best to move on while also accepting the admittedly horrible mistakes she made along the way. After all, as an ascension coach and CEO, she followed “spiritual leaders” Shaleia and Jeff Divine’s almost every order alongside her then-husband Colby, which meant pushing people to relinquish all control.

It hence comes as no surprise she unfortunately doesn’t have a relationship with her younger sister Marlee either – she’d brought the latter into this institution, only for her to face a lot of trauma within a few years.H owever, we can’t negate the fact she herself endured a lot, which is why she’s not married anymore, has a service dog, and is determined to study law in the hopes of helping others along the way.

Marlee is Living on Her Own Terms Today

Considering Marlee was merely a recent high school graduate when she was introduced to the world of Twin Flames by her elder sister for self-improvement aspects, her journey was rocky for sure. We say this because the gurus soon announced her to have an ultimate partner, just for him to be 11 years older, have a criminal record, and suffer from mental ailments for which he allegedly sought no help.

She was thus essentially trapped until Keely helped her escape in 2021, following which she moved back home to Massachusetts to be near her parents and finally start living for herself. It’s actually unclear precisely where she’s based these days because she prefers to keep her life well away from the limelight, but we do know she has since graduated college and is staying optimistic despite some struggles.

Elle is Now Living Her Dream

Although a woman of science with a renowned background in chemistry as well as biochemistry, Elle did turn to “spirituality” when her body, heart, and mind were all broken for different reasons in 2017. Yet, what’s worse is how her confidence was allegedly shattered within Twin Flames Universe, as she was pushed until her arrest for violating a restraining order before being told she’d never be able to follow her passion for music.

Nevertheless, today, this 2019-freed former TFU Media & Branding leader is a full-time DJ, producer, as well as performer, with her original music being a blend of techno, soulful vocals, plus ethereal melodies. Then there’s also the fact she’s a proud activist, determined to continue speaking up against the cult-like practices Shaleia and Jeff have employed within their business.

Angie is Simply Trying to Heal Today

While it’s true Angie was a Twin Flames Universe executive as a sales manager, ascension coach, and security team member at different stages during her long stay in the firm, she left in 2021. The reason: apart from allegedly being pushed to pursue someone who clearly wasn’t interested in her, she was being forced to accept the “divine masculine” title as well as male pronouns, which wasn’t her at all.

“I don’t want to be angry anymore,” she’d candidly asserted in the documentary series. “I don’t want to have this on me anymore… I did things too when I was in there, and we had no choice.” Therefore, today, in her late 40s, this Ontario, Canada native is doing her best to heal from the past, make amends with some former co-workers, and keep the hope alive of finding “the one” someday.

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