Stephanie is Still a Member of The Twin Flames Universe Today

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the reason cults or cult-like institutes are so prominent across the globe is people’s naivety in falling for their charm owing to their own beliefs. This much is actually perfectly evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Escaping Twin Flames,’ which explores the way a quest for self-help or love can easily turn into a mess of broken dreams and leaders’ gains. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about loyal member/ascension coach Stephanie Zimmermann — with a focus on her experiences as well as current standing — here’s what we know.

Who is Stephanie Zimmermann?

Although born into a relatively happy household as not just a twin but also among the youngest of their brood, Arizona native Stephanie honestly ended up on a path no one ever expected for her. The truth is she was adventurous, driven, outgoing, and resolved to make a difference in this world, driving her to enroll in the Peace Corps, which reportedly took her to Taiwan around the late 2010s. “There, she met this man,” her twin sister Paula said in the docuseries. “She had an immediate attraction and this feeling as if she’d met this person before or knew this person at a deeper level.”

Stephanie was utterly smitten by him, yet he didn’t reciprocate her feelings, leading her to simply Google, “I had this intense reaction to someone I just met,” and up came the term Twin Flames. That’s how she soon found Shaleia and Jeff Divine’s Twin Flames Universe too in 2018, where her initial interest ostensibly primarily revolved around the spiritual as well as religious side of things. “Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she said these people she found online told her she could have fame, fortune, and love all from this one group,” her mother Louise candidly said in the original.

As if that’s not enough, Louise indicated they also managed to convince Stephanie she was better served to work for them for free, compelling the youngster to uproot her life and relocate for good. Moreover, according to this Cecilia Peck-directed show, Jeff soon also made her believe her familial connections were holding her back and abusing her, making her willing to completely cut them off. She hence wrote her blood loved ones a letter with no return address, reading in part, “I’ve put a lot of thought into my next steps in my life, what I value deeply, who I am, and what I need.”

Stephanie continued, “I need to have relationships with people who value me in their lives as much as I value them. I need my relationships to be completely unconditionally loving… I have to do it. I love you guys so much, and I must let you go now. It’s no longer compassionate for us to pretend we live in the same worlds anymore. I’m choosing complete alignment with God and release all relationships with people not willing to do the same. I hope you can honor my decision and respect me for what I am choosing in my life… I’m safe where I am, I’m being perfectly taken care of, and I’m ready to claim my full, true self now… This will be my last correspondence to any of you. Take care, and have a beautiful, wonderful life.”

Where is Stephanie Zimmermann Now?

Since Stephanie blocked out her family, even telling her sister Paula to stop contacting her following a few e-mails, she has actually apparently been doing great and rising the Twin Flames Universe ladder. In fact, once her “spiritual leaders” announced that her Twin Flame was not the man she’d fallen for in Taiwan but the assigned Divine Masculine Kiran from Switzerland, she quickly relocated and tied the knot with them, seemingly without any hesitation. In other words, from what we can tell, it appears as if Stephanie is currently based in Switzerland, where she serves as a Certified Ascension Coach alongside Kiran while also being in a Harmonious Union with them. They offer one-on-one sessions, courses, as well as much more, so you can check out their Make Your Rainbow website if you’re interested. Yet we should mention her family is not giving up hope; they’re still fighting for her return.

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