Shaleia and Jeff Divine’s Net Worth: How Rich Are Twin Flames Founders?

Image Credit: TwinFlames Jeff and Shaleia/YouTube

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that Shaleia and Jeff Divine have done wonders for themselves as founders of Twin Flames Universe despite the controversies circling around them. After all, not only have they been deemed manipulative and controlling over the past several years, but their self-proclaimed spiritual organization of love has also been referred to as cult-like. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about their career trajectories, income methods, personal standings, as well as overall net worth as of writing, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

How Did Shaleia and Jeff Earn Their Money?

Although not much regarding Shaleia’s (born Megan Plante) educational qualifications or initial few jobs is publically known, it’s no secret Jeff (aka Jeffrey Ayan) holds a business degree. The truth is this Michigan native always dreamt of making a name for himself, which is why he relocated to Hawaii shortly upon graduation and established a blog called Ender’s Adventures. “[He] loved ‘Ender’s Game,’ the Orson Scott Card novel,” a once-friend revealed in Amazon Prime’s ‘Desperately Seeking Soulmate.’ “…That’s where the inspiration for Ender’s Adventures came from.”

Yet then, per this three-part docuseries, Jeff evolved into a Life and Career Coach at the tender age of 25 since he wholeheartedly believed he had a lot to offer despite his lack of experience. This was followed by his several name changes — Jeffrey Ayanethos, Ender Ayanethos, Shaffira Ayanethos, etc. — just for everything to turn upside down once he came across Megan in 2012. According to reports, they’d met online through a mutual friend and quickly realized they shared a deeper connection, driving them to build a romantic relationship while not caring about distance.

We say this because Jeff/Ender was running “a vegetarian Airbnb” in Hilo at the time, whereas Megan/Shaleia was serving at a hair salon as well as studying spiritual teaching in Sedona, Arizona. It turns out this Canadian native was the one to introduce him to the entire concept of Twin Flames — soul-bound partners — only to take it further once she moved to be with him in Hawaii. The couple initially launched a blog by the name of Awkaned Intamacy, but things didn’t pan out exactly as they’d hoped, driving them to shift back to Michigan before tying the knot in January 2016.

Though by this point, Shaleia and Jeff had taken their notion of what it means to be ideal mates to a whole new level by evolving into love gurus at their Twin Flames Universe spiritual community. They actually claimed to be messengers of Christ — prior to comparing themselves to him — since they can help anyone find forever by assisting them in uncovering the ultimate truth of self. In fact, from this, covering countless topics on video, sharing their own tales, holding “therapy” sessions, plus penning ‘Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,’ they’ve built a following unlike any other.

This following of nearly 55-60 thousand individuals as of writing is apparently trustworthy, passionate, as well as loyal to a fault, which is why many claim they can’t see the abuse happening within. According to the Amazon Prime original, Shaleia and Jeff are so abusive they’ve gone as far as to pressure members into changing their gender identities to fit who their twin flame is thought to be. That’s because their belief is allegedly that every relationship has a Male and a Female Divine, which is a very erasing, heteronormative way of looking at things, yet they’re still growing every day.

Shaleia and Jeff Divine’s Net Worth

It’s actually imperative to note Shaleia and Jeff deny all accusations, there are no known active criminal probes against them, and most members have since asserted they transitioned on their own accord. So, of course, these spiritual leaders in a Harmonious Twin Flame Union are doing quite well these days — they reside in a $850k mansion outside of Traverse City, Michigan, and own a few very luxurious cars. Plus, there are the several organizations like MAP (Mind Alignment Process) they currently run under the Twin Flames Universe umbrella. These are allegedly not very unlike the holistic healing business Jeff once used operate, where he claimed he could cure illnesses such as cancer by alleviating the mind.

We should also mention that most Twin Flames products/services are quite expensive — their book is $17, a single Healing Meditation Session costs $14.99, their Workshops are from $111-$123, there’s a Romance Attention E-course plus a Dreams Coming True E-course for $333 and $777 respectively, the packages of their best work are priced between $555-888, their Twin Flame Ascension School or Life Purpose Class are at $3,333, and finally The Everything Package costs $8,888. Thus, per our best estimates, Shaleia and Jeff Divine’s net worth is close to $5 million right now.

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