Angie: The Ex-Twin Flames Member is Now Just Trying to Heal

With Netflix’s ‘Escaping Twin Flames’ exploring the tale of Shaleia and Jeff Divine as they allegedly run an online cult praying on those already feeling vulnerable, we get a docu-series unlike any other. After all, it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really shine a light upon the dark realities of their business and the darker impact it has had on some of its followers. Amongst them is actually former TFU Sales Manager, Ascension Coach, as well as Security Head Angie (last name unclear) — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about her, here’s what we know.

Who is Angie?

It was admittedly back in 2015 when 41-year-old Canadian native Economic Development worker Angie’s entire world turned upside down as she started developing feelings for a younger male. The truth is a nasty heartbreak in her 20s had left her content to focus only on her passion for pets, her loving friends, plus her career, yet the presence of a 22-year-old intern changed the trajectory. “I really felt I knew who I was and what I wanted…,” she said. “[But then] I met this guy at work, and I remember locking eyes with him and having this feeling overcome me like, ‘Wow, what was that?'”

Angie continued in the series, “We actually ended up becoming really fast friends. He made me laugh. I made him laugh. He would flirt with me, send me suggestive pictures. It seemed like kinda feelings I had, that I couldn’t quite explain, were just intensifying over time.” She thus decided to look this up on the internet, only to come across the term Twin Flames and conclude, “This is exactly what I’m experiencing. So I joined the Twin Flame Ascension School live classes” by leaders Shaleia and Jeff Divine, who soon “confirmed” the co-worker was her ultimate life partner/lover.

Angie’s experience within this Twin Flames Universe (TFU) community was exciting at first, but it soon began demanding more and more from her financially, emotionally, as well as mentally. She was first told she needed to express her femininity to attract the youngster, which was already a sore point considering she’d had to undergo a double hysterectomy in 2016 due to cancer. Then, she was pushed to continue approaching him even after he’d politely shot her down, driving him to make it clear he was uninterested, didn’t believe in Twin Flames, and thought she needed help.

But alas, this only led Angie to further confide in Shaleia and Jeff, alongside her ascension coach Keely Griffin, all of whom indicated she had to be doing something wrong to make him run away. However, following a few more months, these “spiritual leaders” back-peddled a lot — they announced she was a “divine masculine” and her Twin Flame was actually a fellow follower named Victoria. Moreover, they aggressively pushed her to change her name as well as pronouns to accept this newly assigned role, that is, until she did so before suddenly realizing it wasn’t who she was at all.

Where is Angie Now?

Despite the fact Angie was an executive handling many responsibilities, she parted ways with the Twin Flames Universe for good in 2021 owing to how she was being deeply controlled as if in a cult. Since then, though, she has been trying her best to heal and move on by making amends with former fellow members while also speaking out against the organization as a whole in the hopes of maybe helping others. “I don’t want to be angry anymore,” she candidly asserted in the original production. “I don’t want to have this on me anymore… I did things too when I was in there, and we had no choice.”

Angie, who is in her late 40s at the moment and still proudly resides in Ontario, Canada, even added, “We all believed [what Shaleia and Jeff were selling]. There’s, you know, things I did that I’m incredibly embarrassed about. It’s really painful for me to talk about certain things or when I think back of the things I myself told people in coaching sessions… That’s what people don’t understand; when you’re in there, that’s control, there’s fear.” She also revealed guilt was so ingrained in her that when her father passed away shortly after her escape, her initial thought was, “It’s my fault, because I left. I’m being punished.” Yet now, she’s simply doing her best to heal, all the while maintaining the hope she will one day find her forever love.

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