Twister (1996): Does Mose the Dog Die?

In 1996’s ‘Twister,’ a group of storm chasers aim to launch a device into a tornado to study its movements from the inside. The aim is to study it and get a better warning system that will help people safely in time rather than giving them just a few minutes to save themselves. The protagonist of the story is a meteorologist named Jo Harding, who has perfected the design of a device named Dorothy, whose initial plan was laid out by her husband, Bill, with whom she is on complicated terms. Jo is dedicated to getting the device into a tornado, no matter what it takes, because she has already suffered a tragedy due to the lack of warning. Her desire to get the job gets stronger when another family member, including her dog, Mose, almost meets the same fate. Luckily, history doesn’t repeat itself. SPOILERS AHEAD

Mose the Dog Survives the Terrifying Tornado

While Jo, Bill, and their team go around chasing tornados, they have a place they always return to. It is the home of Jo’s aunt, Meg, and her dog, Mose. During one of their chases in the film, they are close to her hometown, Wakita, so they visit her. In their brief stay, it becomes clear how connected they are to her and how much she loves all of them, especially Bill, despite the conflict between him and Jo. This is why, later in the film, when the team discovers that a very strong tornado heads toward Wakita, everyone is concerned about Meg and Mose, and they race to the town to save them.

When Jo and the team arrive at Meg’s house, it is already in ruins. The F4-level tornado decimated everything in its path, and Meg and Mose barely had the warning to make their way to the storm shelter, where they would have been much safer. Bill and Jo make their way into the destroyed house and find a wounded Meg after hearing the barks of Mose, who has not sustained any injuries.

While Meg is taken to the hospital, Jo is assured she will be alright. However, this also shows how close a call it was and how easily Meg and Mose could have met the same fate her father did all those years ago. Meg implores Jo to finish the job and get Dorothy in the air so they can learn more about the workings of a tornado, find a way to give early warnings and save anyone else from losing their family like that.

With Meg out of the picture, Mose would be left alone, and he doesn’t even have a house anymore, as the whole structure falls right after Bill rescues Mose from the building. So, the team takes him with them. He is seen accompanying Dusty in his vehicle while the team chases an F5-level tornado. In the end, when the mission is successful and the team celebrates, Mose is seen celebrating with them.

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