Two-A-Days: Where Are the Cast Members Now?

MTV’s ‘Two-A-Days,’ is a reality show that revolves around the teens of Hoover High School, specifically the members of the Hoover Buccaneers football team, as they strive to do better in hopes of earning a scholarship and building a future for themselves. But they must also deal with the drawbacks of their teenage years and all the drama that comes with it. The show concluded in 2007, so it’s been quite some time since the audience heard about the whereabouts of the students on the show. Now, they’re all grown up and have come a long way in their career, so here’s a glimpse into their lives and an update for all the fans!

Alex Binder is Co-Parenting with Danielle Martin

Image Credit: Alex Binder/LinkedIn

During college, Alex was hopeful about getting a scholarship and building a strong relationship with his girlfriend, Kristin. However, they went their separate ways, and he ended up marrying Danielle Martin, who was previously a freshman cheerleader. Unfortunately, the couple had a divorce. Together, they co-parent their daughter Maria Grace, but not much is known about Alex’s private life.

Alex seemingly resides in Calera, Alabama, and serves as an Outside Sales Representative at CraneWorks since July 2021. Prior to that, he held the position of Field Operations Manager at The Green Team, Inc. for over a decade and worked as a Superintendent at Hackfin Services for over a year.

Kristin Boyle is Working as an External Auditor

Image Credit: Kristin Boyle/Twitter

After breaking up with Alex, Kristin attended the University of Alabama to kickstart her career and lost all contact with him. Later, she joined the Phi Mu sorority and was an active member of their student government. She became an External Auditor at an accounting firm and is supposedly still working there. As per reports, Kristin has settled in Georgia and is happily married to the love of her life.

Dwarn “Repete” Smith is a Proud Father Today

Dwarn’s father made the big move of relocating to Hoover, so he could earn a scholarship and be the first graduate from his family. Later, he turned down multiple scholarships and walked off the team. Then he attended Jacksonville State University and currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. He is now self-employed and works at Acipco Steel Pipe Mill and Brookwood Medical Center. Dwarn is a proud father of two baby girls and seems to be in a long-term relationship. He also actively posts content related to cars and his business on Instagram.

Ross Wilson is Leading at Stag Companies

Image Credit: Ross Wilson/Facebook

Ross was eager to play college baseball for the University of Alabama and played as the starting quarterback on the Hoover team. He went on to achieve that dream and also married Elliot Mayson, his girlfriend. Ross had a successful career in minor-league baseball but then drifted away from the show. Reports suggest that he’s now settled in Hoover, Alabama, and has been working as a Principal at Stag Companies since August 2019. Moreover, he’s also the President of the No. 3 Real Estate firm, where he began working in January 2018.

Max Lerner is Managing Accounts in South Carolina Now

Max was a senior who had the support of his stepfather and eventually got a scholarship from the Football Championship Subdivision. As of present, he seemingly lives in Lexington County, South Carolina, and works as an Account Manager at a diagnostics laboratory. Max loves his privacy, so details about his love life and family remain unknown.

John C. “Goose” Dunham is a Proud Family Man Today

After the show, John went to Alabama and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He had issues with his portrayal on the show and claimed it depicted him in the wrong light. But since then, he’s lost a ton of weight and is now a Comprehensive Wealth Planner Assistant at First Financial Group of South. He resides in Birmingham, Alabama, where he lives happily with his wife, Hannah Burns Dunham, whom he married on February 25, 2017. The couple was blessed with a baby daughter named Delilah Joy Dunham on November 11, 2021.

Cornelius Williams is Analyzing Offense at Alabama University

After the show, Cornelius studied at Troy University and joined the football team at the University of South Alabama. He became a coach and slowly climbed the ladder to his current position, i.e., Offensive Analyst at The University of Alabama, where he started working in March 2022. In addition to that, he’s still holding on to his Assistant Football Coach designation at Troy University since January 2015. He’s also married and is a father of three lovely children, who all reside in Alabama.

Elliot Mayson is Keeping Life Private

Elliot Mayson was a varsity cheerleader who briefly dated Ross. As per reports, one thing led to another, and the high school sweethearts ended up sealing their love for each other by tying the knot. However, Elliot has decided to keep her life away from the public eye and hasn’t shared any details about her current relationship status or job profile.

Brandon Clear is Managing Projects in DC-Baltimore Area

Brandon moved from Virginia to play for the Bucs. He played at Clemson but later switched to Illinois during his senior season. He’s currently a Task Order Manager at Noblis ESi and a Project Management Consultant at Slalom. As of now, he lives in Washington DC-Baltimore Area and prefers to keep his other details private.

Byron Clear is Producing Media in New York

Byron is Brandon’s twin brother who played defensive end and played at Clemson University along with his brother. He graduated early and pursued a career as a media producer in New York. At present, he’s a Senior Producer at Edelman and has settled in New York. Over the years, Byron has become quite expressive and loves to dance on Instagram whenever he can. He also posts several pictures celebrating his family and friends but has chosen to keep his love life away from the public eye.

Michael DeJohn is Developing Real Estate in Birmingham

After playing as a middle linebacker, Michael denied the scholarships that were offered to him and chose Alabama as a walk-on. He has been in the Acquisitions and Development department at Capital Growth Buchalter since June 2011. Michael proposed to his wife on July 1, 2017, and the couple tied the knot in May 2018. They welcomed their first child John Michael DeJohn on August 31, 2020. They had another baby boy in August 2022, and now the family of four resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

Charlie Zorn is Now a Leading Marketing Tech at Citi

Image Credit: Charlie Zorn/LinkedIn

Charlie Zorn was an excellent wide receiver, which got him into Alabama despite his poor grades. Zorn began working at Citi in June 2022 and has been their VP: Marketing Technology Lead for 11 months now. He now lives in New York and has almost no social media presence.

Kristen Padalino’s Whereabouts Remain Private

Image Credit:Kristen Padalino/Pinterest

Kristen was a peer adviser who had an on-and-off fling with Charlie Zorn. However, it seems like she has embraced a life of privacy following the conclusion of the reality TV show. Hence, her current whereabouts are unknown.

Mark McCart is Selling Earthmoving Equipment in Florida Today

Mark declined scholarships to stay near his home and near Brittany, but the couple broke up. He attended Alabama. He seemingly lives in Panama City. Florida now and has worked as an Earthmoving Sales Rep at Thompson Tractor Company since March 2019.

Brittany Benton is Influencing in Health and Beauty

Brittany was the captain of the cheerleading team. She also went to Alabama University and pursued a career in hair and makeup as a freelance artist. Now, she’s married to Bubba Massey, and the couple celebrated their 12th anniversary on March 26, 2023. She’s a mother to three gorgeous girls and one handsome boy. Brittany has become a health and beauty influencer who does product reviews, wedding makeup, and brand deals while being an amazing mother and businesswoman.

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