Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan Are Still Happily Married

Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult’ is a unique venture into exploring a commune called The Garden that became infamous a couple of years ago. The group was accused of actually being a cult by users of TikTok, and this is the burning question that the show attempts to answer. The seemingly prime investigators for this are actually Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan, who confessed to liking ideas of what the commune promised to be but were wary of the possibility that it may indeed be a cult. Given their on-screen story in season 1, the world has been more than eager to learn more about their current relationship status.

Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan’s Journey Together

It was actually Tyler Milligan’s idea to become a part of The Garden, though Heather Carnahan was initially not on board with the plan. During the couple’s interactions, it was evident that they loved each other very much and were well aware of their partner’s qualities and flaws. They were also open about the fact that they would not mind being joined by another woman in their relationship, revealing that Heather is bisexual. However, they remained firm on the fact that neither of them would ever indulge in any form of sexual act without the presence of the other.

Prior to leaving for the commune, Tyler shared how he was reluctant to leave Heather behind as she was his best friend and also because she seemingly saw him as a “protector.” His motivations behind joining The Garden were rooted in his experience as a past member of the US Armed Forces. he confessed how he saw very dark aspects of life during his service, which seemingly disenchanted him from the conventional way of life. He also seemed assured that the world as we know it, especially in the USA, will collapse soon, forcing people to fend for themselves, which he wanted to be prepared for.

On the other hand, Heather did not seem to agree with Tyler’s dystopian view, claiming that if society was truly going to collapse soon, she was going to enjoy the modern amenities for as long as possible. Due to her job as a private investigator, she also tried to find information on some of the more well-known members of The Garden. She did not seem comforted by Patrick Martion‘s past arrests or his association with The Rainbow Collective. Additionally, she was far from happy that she could find nothing on Jack “Tree” Forester.

After Tyler joined the commune as a prospective member, his only regret seemed to be the absence of Heather, whom he missed very much. On the other hand, Heather became frustrated by the fact that she was unable to contact her husband. Hence, she decided to travel to the commune by herself and surprise Tyler, something that brought tears of joy to his eyes. After the latter was inducted into the commune, Heather also expressed the desire to do so, confessing that spending the last few days in touch with nature had helped her realize just how freeing it can be and why her husband was so passionate about it.

Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan are Enjoying the Offgrid Life

Presently, Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan are happily married and take much pleasure in each other’s company. The two have fully embraced the off-grid lifestyle and are active on social media, where they share their experiences. Both of them are professional acrobats and have gained much attention after their television debut. Their comfort in being naked even before they joined The Garden has not diminished, and the pair remains unapologetically themselves. In fact, they recently celebrated five years of their relationship along with three years of being married to each other.

Tyle has also been open about his status as a disabled veteran and the skills he has gained from his time in the army. However, he has also embraced his creative side and has picked up writing as his choice of art. His first-ever novel, ‘State of Contempt: Ruination,’ will be released in February 2024, something that both he and Heather are pretty excited about. The book is the first installment of the State of Contempt series, which is an apocalyptic set of books planned by Tyler. He is also affiliated with Live Bearded as a promoter of their beard oil.

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