Are Tyler Reddick and Alexa DeLeon Still Together?

Image Credit: Alexa DeLeon/Instagram

While Netflix’s ‘NASCAR: Full Speed’ is mostly focused on the professional lives of various NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers, viewers cannot help but be intrigued by the personal lives of some of their favorites. This includes Tyler Reddick, whose relationship with Alexa DeLeon easily caught the attention of the world, especially given the love and support that they seemed to have for each other. As such, the world is eager to know if the couple is still going strong.

Tyler Reddick and Alexa DeLeon’s Journey Together

Despite the fame that Tyler Reddick has gained through his impressive career as a NASCAR driver, he and Alexa DeLeon prefer to keep the details of their relationship private. The two have known each other since they were teenagers and have a playful connection that often fills one with warmth. What also remains evident is the happy manner in which the pair often indulges their competitive spirit and never shies away from making life more fun through the same.

While most might remember that Tyler won the 2019 NASCAR championship, what many might not have known is that the driver actually had a huge reason to be so motivated to win. At the time, he and Alexa, who is of Colombian heritage, had been pregnant with their first child, a son, and Alexa had claimed that should Tyler win the championship, he could choose the name for their yet-to-be-born son. Otherwise, the honor was to go to Alexa. As such, when Tyler won the trophy, he also got the honor of naming his son Beau Reddick.

As a firm supporter of her partner, Alexa tries to attend as many of Tyler’s events as possible. Her brand of cheering on is certainly similar to any sports fanatic, with her often urging the driver to stop being “nice.” Her support for Tyler throughout the years has certainly been a motivating factor for the driver. Even more importantly, Alexa’s willingness to help her boyfriend through the pain of losing a race or the trophy has earned her much praise from those who know her, though none are as appreciative of the gesture as Tyler himself.

Tyler Reddick and Alexa DeLeon Are Ready to Get Married

After years of being in a relationship, Tyler Reddick and Alexa DeLeon decided to take the next step and get engaged. The two shared the news via a joint Instagram post in April 2023, with Alexa writing, “After years of Tyler hinting and sending me rings, I finally proposed.” The news earned them well wishes from many of their followers, who could not be more excited about the development. Since then, Alexa has also expressed her eagerness about the upcoming wedding and the planning required for the same.

One party sure to attend the happy celebration will be Tyler and Alexa’s son, Beau Reddick. The young man in question was born in January 2020 and now has his parents wrapped around his fingers. He is often seen attending his father’s races and proudly declared in the Netflix show that his favorite racer was none other than Tyler Reddick. The charms of parenthood have only brought Tyler and Alexa closer, who remain excited to see what life has in store for them next.

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