Where Are Tyrone Hassel III’s Parents and Kid Now?

Image Credit: Tyrone Hassel Jr.

The joyous family life of Tyrone Hassel Jr. and LaShanda Jones was abruptly undone. Their son, Tyrone Hassel III, was shot multiple times in his father’s driveway on New Year’s Eve in 2018. Investigation into Tyrone’s death revealed a plot concocted by his wife, Kemia Hassel (née Martin), with whom he shared a son, Tyrone Hassel IV, and her lover, Jeremy Cuellar. The two of them decided to eliminate Tyrone from their lives and claim his life insurance benefit. ABC’s ’20/20: Love. Honor. Betray’ unravels the threads of the Hassel family dynamics and the investigation, providing an exploration into a life marked by both auspicious beginnings and heart-wrenching outcomes.

Who are Tyrone Hassel Jr., LaShanda Jones and Tyrone Hassel IV?

In the heart of Benton Harbor, Michigan, the union of Tyrone Hassel Jr. and LaShanda Jones gave rise to a remarkable young man, Tyrone Hassel III, on August 23, 1995. His journey through life was enriched by the presence of numerous siblings, a testament to the vibrant tapestry of their family. The Hassel household echoed with the laughter and camaraderie of brothers Ty’quan, Ty’quae, Tyreik, Zailyn, Carmeron Gavin, Benny Newman, and Tyshon Newman, as well as sisters Zaiyah and Keiaeja Palmer.

Image Credit: Tyrone Hassel Jr.

Tyrone Hassel Jr. and LaShanda Jones were extremely proud of their son’s academic achievements. The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans also recognized his achievements, awarding him a college scholarship. Tyrone III chose to serve his nation in 2015, donning the uniform of the US Army. His dedication garnered accolades, including the Army Achievement Medal and the prestigious German Army Proficiency Badge. Amidst the rigors of military life, love blossomed when he met Kemia Martin, an Army Specialist.

The duo’s love story culminated in a heartfelt union on May 17, 2017, surrounded by the warmth of their family. Soon, the couple were blessed with a son whom they named Tyrone Hassel IV but lovingly called him “Chunk” at home. Born into a family steeped in love, service, and sacrifice, young Tyrone IV was unfortunately destined to confront the harsh realities of life at a tender age. On December 31, 2018, he lost his doting father when he was just over a year old.

On December 31, Tyrone Hassel Jr. had arranged a cookout near the St. Joseph township of Michigan. His daughter-in-law did not attend, and in the middle of the function, his son went back home with some food for her. Soon after that, he got a phone call from Kemia, who told him that Tyrone had been shot in the driveway of the house. It was unbelievable news for the family, but they hoped that the killer would be caught immediately. When the police concluded their investigation, it was Tyrone Hassel Jr. who drove Kemia to the police station. It was there that he found out that she had killed his son and her husband.

Tyrone Hassel III’s Parents are Honoring Their Son’s Memory, While Tyron Hassel IV is Leading a Private Life

In an interview with ABC News, Tyrone Hassel Jr. recollected how he remembers his family members breaking down at the news of Tyrone’s death. He also stated how important it felt to continue to speak about Tyrone’s life and legacy, particularly because of how successful he was in the path that he chose, which is a rarity for young adults coming from the community that they do. Hassel Jr. also had a lengthy jail visit with one of his son’s killers, Jeremy Cuellar, where the latter expressed great remorse and regret, which the grieving father appreciated.

However, Hassel Jr. was soon turned away from the idea that Cuellar just wished to clear his conscience by doing the right thing when the latter attempted to withdraw his guilty plea in July 2020. Tyrone’s mother, LaShanda Jones, too, was incredibly aggrieved following the cruel act committed by Kemia Martin and Jeremy Cuellar and told Kemia in court, “I want you to spend every day suffering behind bars for the rest of your life, and I hope every time you close your eyes, my son tap [sic] you on the shoulders and smile [sic].”

While not much is known about Tyrone Hassel IV, we do know that he was living with his maternal grandmother in Georgia at the time of the investigation, with Tyrone’s parents hoping to one day be with their grandson again. We wish the Hassel family the best as they continue to recover from their unimaginable loss and honor the proud memory of Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III.

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