UnbuckleMe on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

‘Shark Tank’ on ABC is a reality TV show that focuses on business entrepreneurs. It does not merely address business ideas and provide it a platform but also gives it the potential to bag a top-notch investor from the show’s panel.  While for decades, we have been witnessing dance and musical talents, ‘Shark Tank’ shows us that business is not for everyone too. It is primed with care, passion, and logic. We have, over the years, watched various businesses on this show either faced with harsh criticism or a subtle brush off, and the ones that have gone ahead to cut out a deal have not been that many. In Shark Tank season 11 episode 21, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is UnbuckleMe. Here’s everything we know about it.

UnbuckleMe: Who Are They?

UnbuckleMe brings forward a tool that helps in unbuckling children’s car seats with minimum force. As per the law, at least 9 lbs of pressure is required to lease the car seat latch. While this serves a great purpose in ensuring the safety of children, it isn’t great news for parents and families who physically can’t exert that much force to unbuckle children out of their car seats constantly.

This is where UnbuckleMe comes in handy. The ‘U’ shaped tool is a lever that reduces the amount of pressure required to unbuckle the car seat. This is increasingly useful for older individuals who may have issues due to arthritis. In addition, it also comes in handy if someone has long nails and doesn’t want to break it during the unbuckling process.

UnbuckleMe: What Do They Do?

Becca Davison and her mother, Barbara Heilman, came up with the idea when Heilman was facing difficulties with taking care of Becca’s newborn, which required her to unbuckle the children’s car seat on a regular basis. However, having worked as an occupational therapist, she makes a makeshift tool that could be used to unbuckle the seat with relative ease. Seeing this, Becca thought it worthwhile to invest in an advanced form of this tool and make a business out of it. Thus began the journey of UnbuckleMe.

The product is sold across various platforms like Amazon, buybuyBABY, and Nordstrom. They also have various social media pages to give out exciting offers and updates on their products. Their website gives a detailed account of customer testimonials. One of their customers said: 

“My four year old loves this! She can easily get herself out of our three-row car and help me unbuckle her siblings…We both love this!”

That’s right. The product comes in handy in several ways. It also enables children to unbuckle themselves. The company and its products have featured in quite a few news channels, podcasts, and shows. Their products are also sold in retail shops in both the US and Canada. The company was even selected as the finalists for a grant in 2019. 

The company has also been quite enthusiastic about their appearance on ‘Shark Tank.’ They post updates of their products, its expansion, and press coverage on their social media. The mother-daughter duo seems excited about the growth of their business. Check out the video below to see how their product work:

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