Is Unique Dead? Did Joey Bada$$ Leave Power Book III Raising Kanan?

In the fifth episode of Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ season 3, Unique’s life gets threatened when he turns against his brother Ronnie. Although Unique tries to help his sibling by offering him a job, Ronnie discards it and betrays the former’s trust in him. When the younger brother realizes that Ronnie has been going behind his back, he lashes out. The latter, however, doesn’t accept the drug lord’s reaction. Ronnie retaliates in ways Unique never expects, only for the latter’s life to get severely threatened. The episode ends without offering a confirmation regarding the drug dealer’s fate! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Unique’s Ambiguous Fate

When Unique realizes that Ronnie has been looking for a job, he takes his brother to the Golden Pavilion restaurant, the hub of his new drug operations. Ronnie, however, doesn’t accept the offer. He thinks that the job is not significant enough for either him or Unique. He tells his younger brother that he is not playing the game well since his focus is on sleeping with Raquel “Raq” Thomas. When Unique dismisses Ronnie’s words, the latter lets the former’s wife Parnessa know that her husband is having sex with Raq, the same woman who once tried to hunt down the family.

Meanwhile, Unique realizes that Ronnie killed Deen, the distributor who supplied drugs to him and Raq. In addition, Parnessa confronts him about sleeping with Raq, only for him to lash out against Ronnie. Unique finds Ronnie, beats him up, and walks away. Ronnie, however, doesn’t let his brother walk away after establishing his power on him. He goes after Unique and hits him repeatedly on his head with a rod. After he is done, Ronnie dumps the body of his brother in a ditch as well. Ronnie may have succeeded in killing Unique, although he doesn’t plan to.

The ‘Power’ universe is known for startling deaths regardless of the significance of the characters who pass away or get killed. The third season even starts with such a death as Malcolm Howard kills Shannon Burke in the premiere episode. Thus, an important character like Unique can get killed off very abruptly in the crime drama. After the resolution of Raq and Unique’s conflicts, which has been an integral part of the latter’s storyline over the first two seasons, the creative heads of the show must have wanted to move on from the drug lord and focus on Ronnie, who has immense scope as a character.

Furthermore, Unique’s death is inevitable for Ronnie to create a business alliance with Juliana Ayala, who asks for the former’s absence in the scene for her to consider a partnership with his older brother. The crime drama can very well take advantage of Unique’s possible death to explore what happens when Juliana and Ronnie likely team up together to become the new key players of the drug scene in Queens. Does that mean we have seen the last of Joey Bada$$ in the show?

Joey Bada$$’s Exit From Raising Kanan

As of now, neither Starz nor Joey Bada$$ have announced the departure of the actor from ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan.’ If Unique is really dead, such an announcement should have been out, considering that the actor more or less appears in all the episodes of the show until now. The lack of an official confirmation regarding Joey’s possible exit makes us consider the possibility of Unique surviving Ronnie’s attack. Since Ronnie doesn’t intend to kill Unique, all of the former’s actions are the results of the heat of the moment. The rage inside him likely blinds him enough to check whether Unique is really dead. The drug lord can be just unconscious after the attack and he may wake up after a while.

Since the rod Ronnie uses to hit Unique is not heavy or big enough, the attack may not be fatal. If that’s the case, Unique may regain his consciousness and seek help to get to a hospital. Considering that Raq knows that her new partner is after his brother, she may try to check on him. When she doesn’t get to talk to him, Raq may find and take him to a hospital to save him from death. Even though Raq and Unique are on good terms now, the latter’s relationship with Ronnie has gone sour, which holds significant scope for the writers to explore the same in the rest of the installment. Therefore, we may need to wait till the sixth episode of season 3 to confirm whether Unique is dead for good.

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