Did Toby Sandeman’s Symphony Leave Power Book III Raising Kanan?

In the third season premiere of Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan,’ Raquel “Raq” Thomas and Unique end up having sex, making it clear that she has moved on from Symphony Bosket. Toby Sandeman’s urban planner is one of the major missing characters in the episode. Symphony has been a constant presence in Raq’s life ever since her son Kanan Stark became a part of her dirty business. Their romantic chemistry was loved by the admirers of the show, which makes his absence intriguing. Now that Raq and Unique get together, has the show moved on from Sandeman’s character? SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Inevitable Separation

Raq and Symphony initially cherish a steamy relationship, which gets often troubled by the problems the former causes. When Raq’s plans go wrong, Symphony tries his best to help her. It is the urban planner who takes Kanan to Virginia Beach after the boy shoots down his father Malcolm Howard towards the end of the first season. Symphony has always been resourceful to Raq but the more he has become useful, the more they get separated as a couple. Raq gets immersed in her ambitions to build an empire in the New York City drug scene, which stops her from prioritizing her relationship with Symphony.

More than anyone, Symphony understands Raq’s position. He realizes that his partner is aiming for things he never wanted. It doesn’t take long for them to understand that they are too different as far as their ambitions and dreams are concerned. Eventually, they decide to part ways as a couple when their separation becomes an inevitability. Symphony secures another job away from Raq and lets her know about the same in the second season. Raq gets convinced that he doesn’t want to stay, which makes her let him go. The sophomore round ends with Symphony and Raq choosing to follow their aspirations, which are extremely different from one another.

Toby Sandeman’s Departure From the Crime Drama

Toby Sandeman seemingly left ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ after the conclusion of his character Symphony Bosket’s arc. Raq and Symphony’s break up marks the end of the latter’s scope in the narrative, which explains why Sandeman doesn’t feature in the last three episodes of the second season and the third season premiere. Symphony is a part of the first two seasons’ narrative only as the partner of Raq. When he gets separated from her, he becomes a non-essential part of the crime drama since his independent storyline is not explored in the same.

The third season premiere depicts Raq and Unique sharing an intimate time, indicating that the former has completely moved on from Symphony. The romantic tension between the two major players in the NYC drug scene has been brewing since the end of the sophomore installment. Their intimacy can be seen as an indication of what’s ahead for them in season 3. If the current round explores Raq and Unique strange relationship, Symphony may remain insignificant for now, killing any chances of seeing Sandeman again in the crime drama. As things stand, the third round may further delve into Raq and Unique’s fight against Sal Boselli and if that’s the case, Symphony may not have relevance to show up again.

The ‘Power’ universe is known for surprising character appearances and disappearances. Therefore, one cannot outrightly rule out Sandeman’s cameo in the future as Symphony. Before parting ways with Raq, he forms a strong relationship with Kanan. While Raq tries to reconnect with her son, she may seek Symphony’s help to mend her relationship with the boy. Furthermore, Detective Shannon Burke’s suspicious death may force the department to investigate her claims concerning Howard’s near-death experience. Since Symphony takes Kanan away from the city after the shooting, the potential investigation can lead to him, opening up the scope for Sandeman’s character to appear again in the crime drama.

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