Where Was Netflix’s Unknown Origins Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Unknown Origins’ follows a detective who is trying to catch a serial killer terrorizing the city of Madrid. The unique nature of these crimes, where victims are dressed up as famous superheroes from popular comic books, requires him to get assistance from the experts in the field. Together they trace the string of murders and try to catch the killer who thinks himself a supervillain. Because the story requires a lot of movement, we get a good look at the city which the cops are trying to protect. If you want to know where ‘Unknown Origins’ has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Where Was Unknown Origins Filmed?

Madrid becomes the playing ground of a vicious serial killer who harbors a love for comic-book superheroes. For filming the movie, the production found it best to make the movie on the streets of Madrid rather than finding any substitute for it. The capital of Spain serves as the primary filming location of ‘Unknown Origins’.

Madrid, Spain

The investigation of the serial murders takes David and his team on a ride around the city of Madrid. With every murder, the killer gets craftier and chooses a different location each time. For this, the production also needed to go around Madrid and find suitable locations to create murder scenes. For this purpose, a lot of filming happened outdoors, with some scenes filmed inside green rooms.

The locals will recognize a number of streets and neighborhoods in and around Madrid that appear in the movie. The crew was spotted filming in places like Valle de Oro street in Carabanchel, Rutilio Gacís Square in Arganzuela, Olvido street in Usera, and San Bernardino street in Centro. For an action scene, the crew also used the tunnel of Calle 30. A building on San Bernardino street was also used to film the interior scenes, in particular, the ones involving fire.

For interior locations, the crew also found perfect spots in the neighborhoods of Vallecas. Some buildings on Alfonso Gómez Street in the San Blas-Canillejas district were also employed by the production of ‘Unknown Origins’. Other important locations to appear in the movie are the British Cemetery and the Palace of Fernan Nuñez. Some scenes have also been filmed at the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Guillermo de Osma Municipal Market in Arganzuela.

While the crew used a lot of real-life locations in the making of the film, they also created sets for the purpose of several indoor scenes. The Barajas Studios in the Las Mercedes Industrial Estate in the San Blas-Canillejas district were used to create some interior scenes. The comic-book shop owned by Jorge is also a set that was created in the neighborhood of Usera. It was created with such precision to detail that the passersby thought a real comic-book shop had opened up there.

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