Unsuspicious Ending, Explained: Who Killed Jorginho and Marconi?

Netflix’s ‘Unsuspicious’ (‘Nada Suspeitos’) is a Portuguese-language dark comedy mystery series from Brazil. The story primarily revolves around three women — Bete, Patrícia, and Thyellen — and their families. They are conned out of their savings and properties by a single man, Jorginho Peixoto. When the man is mysteriously killed, these women and their relatives are guests at his home and predictably become the suspects in the ensuing police investigation. As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that almost everyone in that house has a dark secret that Jorginho knew about, which effectively gives them the motive to kill the notorious and wealthy swindler. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Unsuspicious’ season 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Unsuspicious Season 1 Recap

‘Unsuspicious’ is formatted like a classic whodunnit. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger, compelling the audience to jump straight to the next episode. The big revelation comes in the penultimate episode, whereas the finale is used to tie up most of the plot threads. However, again, like a classic detective story, some aspects of the overall narrative are left open-ended. If there is a second season, these open threads can serve as a perfect jumping point.

The series begins with a flashforward depicting Jorginho’s death. The narrative then shifts back a few days earlier when Bete, the former wife; Patrícia, the current wife; and Thyellen, the prospective mistress, are invited by Jorginho to his home for dinner. Each one brings some members of the family. With Bete comes her mother Zanina, her brother and drag queen Áquila, and her daughter Yara. Jorginho is supposedly Yara’s father, but as we learn later, that is perhaps not the case. Patrícia shows up at the dinner with her brother and Jorginho’s lawyer Maurício and her friend spiritual guru Xandra. Thyellen arrives with her singer-slash-guitarist brother Raul. The dinner is also attended by Darlisson (Darlison in the captions), Jorginho’s friend and secretary, who also happens to be Bete and Áquila’s brother. And then, there is Washington, Jorginho’s butler.

During the dinner, Jorginho claims that someone is after him and declares that he plans to transfer his assets to the three women. When Bete, Patrícia, and Thyellen object to this, Jorginho reveals that he has swindled them and their families out of everything — from Bete’s house and salon to Patrícia’s private island to Xandra’s spa to the church Thyellen works at. Jorginho gives his guests an ultimatum: they can leave and be completely destitute or help him deal with his problems.

The entire group reluctantly stays at Jorginho’s mansion. However, Jorginho’s plans don’t come to fruition as he is found with a hilt of a knife protruding out of his back, very much dead. The police are subsequently called in, and detective Charles Nunes comes to investigate. A klutz and not entirely competent, Charles bumbles his way toward the dead end after dead end during the investigation until Yara begins helping him. Intelligent and curious, Yara genuinely wants to know what happened to her father.

There are nine people in the pool of suspects for Charles and Yara to consider. They initially dismiss Washington as a suspect because he was with Yara when Jorginho was killed. As mentioned above, the big revelation comes in the penultimate episode. In the finale, titled ‘The Next Victim,’ the perpetrator tries to run away, prompting the rest of the group to come together and help Charles find them.

Unsuspicious Season 1 Ending: Who Killed Jorginho?

All nine suspects have their reasons for wanting Jorginho dead, and they are not limited to his swindling activities, though it serves as a major reason. Darlisson and Patrícia were having an affair, and Jorginho knew about it. He even let Patrícia know that he has found out about the affair. Thyellen was skimming off money from the church. She also tried to claim that she was pregnant with Jorginho’s child and gave her brother a fake pregnancy test result. However, Raul, being dumb as he is, showed it to Jorginho before the latter had sex with Thyellen. Áquila sent multiple threatening letters to Jorginho to keep him away from his family. Jorginho kept them and was using them to blackmail Áquila. Xandra was in love with Patrícia. Maurício and Patrícia were trying to get Jorginho’s money out of Brazil and to their accounts in Switzerland, but Jorginho found out about it and sent his money to a more secure location. Maurício and Patrícia also attempted to kill Jorginho by causing a gas explosion

It is revealed that Jorginho didn’t die of the stabbing. Xandra stabbed him, but he was poisoned and suffered a heart attack. Jorginho was dead by the time that happened. The poison was made out of flowers of the oleander plant. As Washington made the tea, Charles declared him to be the killer. Moreover, it turns out that Washington’s real name is Marconi Gonçalves, a swindler and erstwhile mentor of Jorginho. It is Marconi/Washington who reveals all the dirty little secrets about the rest of the group. Ultimately, he seemingly falls from the roof while trying to get on a helicopter during his escape and dies. Later, Yara finds Marconi’s phone. He was on a call at the time of his death. Yara and Charles discover that there was someone else on the roof with Marconi, and that person pushed him to his death. This means that someone with a vested interest killed Marconi to stop him from revealing more secrets.

Who Killed Marconi/Washington?

Interestingly, Marconi never accepts that he killed Jorginho. In fact, he claims that he doesn’t have any reasons to harm his mentee turned fake employer. So, if Marconi hasn’t killed Jorginho, it has to be the person who pushes Marconi off the roof. This is likely the same person that Jorginho claimed was after him at the beginning of the series. If it were one of the three women, Jorginho wouldn’t have invited them to his home. So, it can be one of the other six individuals, but they are in the company of others when Marconi dies. Even if we consider one of the three women as the person that was after Jorginho, they run in three different directions after hearing the gunshot that Marconi fires. It is nearly impossible for any of them to get to the rooftop in that short period of time between the gunshot and Marconi’s death.

A possibility is that there has been someone else in the house all this time, hiding in those corridors between the walls, avoiding detection by Marconi and Yara, the only two people who know about the corridors after Jorginho’s death. Marconi seems genuinely surprised right before he is about to be pushed off the roof, as if he has someone who isn’t supposed to be there. If it were one of the guests, his reaction wouldn’t be that extreme.

Who Is Yara’s Father?

Toward the end of the first season, Yara confronts her mother about the identity of her biological father. Bete admits that she doesn’t know before asserting that she has been both father and mother in Yara’s life. The latter seems to be content with his and drops the matter. However, if there is a second season, this will likely serve as a major aspect of the narrative. An interesting thing to note here is that Jorginho probably knew that Yara wasn’t his daughter. If that was indeed the case, he had no reason to play along with Bete’s claims. And yet, he did just that and even had multiple photos of the girl, taken at different stages of Yara’s life. He also seemingly left 50% of his wealth for Yara. One possibility here is that he wasn’t sure about the paternity, just like Bete, and decided to claim Yara as his daughter.

However, given who he was, a more pragmatic possibility is that Jorginho chose to use Yara against her biological father, the same person that presumably hid in the secret corridors and killed both Jorginho and Marconi.

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