Untold Swamp Kings: Where Are the Players Now?

As a documentary series living up to its title in nearly every way imaginable, Netflix’s ‘Untold: Swamp Kings’ can only be described as equal parts baffling, intriguing, and downright subversive. That’s because it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really underscore how Urban Meyer turned the entire football program at the University of Florida around. Amongst those to thus feature here were some of the renowned former Florida Gators he coached — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about their current standing, here’s what we know.

Brandon Siler is Thriving as an Author Now

Although drafted in the final round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers, Brandon actually excelled in his role for the team for four years before signing with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011. But alas, he was quickly placed on injured reserve and hence didn’t get a chance to prove his mettle until the 2012 season — that same year, his contract expired, and he unfortunately wasn’t resigned. Nevertheless, today, at 37, this ‘Definition of a Leader’ (2023) author is thriving as a proud family man, a motivational speaker, the founder of Legacy Pro Sports, as well as the owner of Pure Recovery California.

Tim Tebow is Serving as a College Football Analyst

While there’s no denying two-time BCS National Champion, Heisman Trophy winner, and first-round NFL draft pick Tim had what it took to flourish as a pro, his career never took off for some reason. He thus decided to begin dabbling in league baseball from 2016 onwards, only to end up doing rather well under the New York Mets’ banner, that is, until he felt it was time to return to the NFL in 2021.

But alas, Tim was cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars in the preseason itself, and now it seems like he’s simply moving on by serving as a college football analyst, motivational speaker, as well as Philanthropist. In fact, this happily married, soon-to-be College Football Hall of Fame inductee (December 2023) runs the Tim Tebow Foundation and has even established Mission Possible Life to give back to others.

Brandon Spikes is Leading as the Founder/CEO of Spikes CBDX

Unlike both Brandon Siler and Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes reportedly had a relatively stable run within the NFL from 2010 until 2015, just to officially retire in 2016 following some legal issues. He was actually cited in a hit-and-run case that sent three people to the hospital, so he stepped back upon feeling his career fall apart — he ultimately received a year on probation, $1,000 in fines, plus he lost his license. So, today, he prefers to lead a pretty private life well away from the limelight, yet we do know he serves as the Founder/CEO of Spikes CBDX (CBD Infused Products for Athletes) as well as the Chairman/CEO at Consumer Automotive Finance Inc.

Steven Harris is Continuing His Involvement in Sports

From what we can tell, Steven Harris did get signed by NFL’s Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent in 2007 and subsequently did play four games, but he was released in 2008 for good. Since then, it appears as if this Coconut Grove resident continues to be involved in the sporting industry in one way or another, all the while doing his best to be there for his family. He has been married to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/Family Nurse (APRN/FNP-C) Kailla Marie since July 22, 2011 — they met in 2003 — with whom he purportedly shares three beautiful sons and a daughter.

Tate Casey is Working as a Sales Representative Now

It was back in 2008 when Tate parted ways with the University of Florida upon graduating, but he returned to the school in 2018 to work as a sideline reporter for the team’s IMG Sports Network. However, today, following years of experience as a personal trainer, gym manager, and spine specialist, this Sports Management & Recreation degree holder serves at Stryker Neurosurgical. Though this Odessa, Texas, native turned Jacksonville Beach, Florida, family man currently holds the title of a Sales Representative to help execute strategies that would positively impact company revenue, profit, and competitive market position.

Dallas Baker is Coaching Students at Baylor University

While it’s true the Pittsburgh Steelers chose Dallas in the final round of the 2007 NFL Draft and actually played him for two seasons, he found a bit more success in AFL as well as CFL. Whether it be the Jacksonville Sharks (2010), Montreal Alouettes (2011), Saskatchewan Roughriders (2011–2012), or San Antonio Talons (2013−2014), he did well everywhere before deciding to switch gears. In fact, in 2015, he evolved into a collegiate Wide Receivers Coach, and now, after some experience, this undeniably proud family man is training students at the Division 1 FBS Baylor University (2022-present).

Ryan Stamper is Serving as the Director of Player Assessment for Jaguars

As a Jacksonville, Florida, native through and through, linebacker Ryan is doing very well for himself at the moment thanks to his keen eyes helping him grasp the best opportunities available. This 2009 graduate ostensibly spent nine significant seasons of his career overseeing Player Development at Ohio State University, seven of which were under his former Coach, Urban Meyer. Yet in 2021, the proud girl-dad returned to his home ground to become Director of Player Assessment for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars — a position he holds to this day with the motto “Just trying to add value.”

Chris Leak is Leading a Quiet Life

Although North Carolina native turned Florida Gators quarterback (aka a Titan) Chris Leak wasn’t selected during the 2007 NFL Draft, he was signed by the Chicago Bears almost immediately after. This Sociology graduate hence spent the summer of 2007 working with the team yet was eventually cut from their roster in September, making him realize AAFL, CFL, and AFL could be a better fit for him.

Chris actually concluded his playing career in 2012 to evolve into a broadcaster, only to become a coach for his alma mater in 2013 prior to being hired as head coach at Edgewater High School in 2016. Nevertheless, he resigned the same year, and it soon came to light he was under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old student, who later chose not to press charges. So, it seems like this Orlando resident is merely leading a quiet life well away from the limelight these days while still remaining active in the football industry by running the Air Strike Passing Academy Quarterback Training.

Brandon James is Coaching at St. Augustine High School

Despite the fact James was hired as an undrafted free agent by the Indianapolis Colts in April 2010, he was released in December before facing a similar fate with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2011. Therefore, he didn’t waste the opportunity when he was approached to coach the football team at St. Joseph Academy in St. Augustine, Florida, just to be fired following one terrible season. As for where this University of Florida 2020 Hall of Fame inductee is today, it appears as if he has since landed an Offensive Coordinator/Running Back coaching position at his alma mater St. Augustine High School.

Major Wright is Acting as a Motivational Speaker

While Major definitely took a risk in forgoing his senior year at university to enter the 2010 NFL draft, it panned out as the Chicago Bears selected him in the third round (75th overall pick). He actually remained with this team until the 2013 season, only for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to show interest for the ensuing two years before everything fizzled down and he retired. Thus, it looks like the 35-year-old ‘Major Pain: Confessions Of A Smash-Mouth Safety’ as well as ‘Good Deed Tuesday’ author now serves as a motivational speaker and philanthropist — he’s behind Wright Way Charities to offer support to single mothers in his local Florida area, plus he recently created a school program to help the overall society.

Ahmad Black is Coaching a School Team Now

As a University of Florida graduate, Ahmad was picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, where he played right until he was released as a free agent in 2013. However, it wasn’t until April 2017 that he officially announced his retirement for good, following which he began working towards landing a job as a high school football coach — this sport is his true love. It hence comes as no surprise this former safety player was named the Defensive Backs Coach for Mulberry High School in May 2021 before finding himself working a similar position at Lakeland High School in Lakeland, Florida, from 2022 onwards.

Chris Rainey is Focusing on Entrepreneurship

From Pittsburgh Steelers to Indianapolis Colts to Arizona Cardinals, Chris was a part of all three teams during his two-year stint in the NFL prior to his decision to divert to CFL in 2014. Here, he remained signed with either the Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Argonauts, or British Columbia (BC) Lions for seven years, that is, until he became a free agent in 2022 and chose to focus more on his family. Therefore, today, the proud 35-year-old happily married father of three has evolved into an entrepreneur — he’s the man behind Chris Rainey Speed Factory as well as the AAU Track Club.

Percy Harvin is Staying Out of the Limelight Now

Wide Receiver Percy was undeniably a legend of sorts during his two-year stint at the University of Florida (2006-2008), which he admittedly did his best to carry on upon joining the NFL in 2009. He was thus picked by the Minnesota Vikings as the 22nd overall pick in round one of the draft, resulting in his contract being a 5-year deal worth up to $14.5 million, but then he got traded to the in 2013. Then came his time with the New York Jets as well as the Buffalo Bills, just for him to announce his retirement for good on March 14, 2017, in order to deal with his health issues — severe migraines. Since then, all we know is that this 2019 UF Hall of Fame inductee has preferred to remain well away from the limelight.

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