Update On Byoot Company From Shark Tank

In season 12 of ‘Shark Tank,’ entrepreneurs Elyce and her husband Nathan presented their take on easily removable women’s swimsuits, hoping to get an investment from the Sharks. The design they presented solved the age-old problem of women having to struggle with their swimsuits during a bathroom break when at the pool or at the beach. Such an innovative solution got us looking into the company and how it has fared to date. Here is everything we found out!

Byoot Company: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Byoot Company is the brainchild of Elyce Billany (of Le Claire, Iowa). Often the most fantastic of ideas are born out of frustration. Such was the case with Byoot Company, as the idea for the swimsuit came to Elyce while she was on vacation in Jamaica. At that time, she was pregnant and thus had a frequent need to visit the ladies’ room. Yet with every bathroom visit, she had to go through the annoying ordeal of removing her swimsuit. This irksome inconvenience got her thinking about an easily removable (and equally easy to put on) swimsuit that women would be able to use without any difficulty.

Even with the solution in mind, Elyce could not make her own prototype as she was not well versed in design. Not giving up, Elyce put down her designs and plans into sketches before approaching a manufacturer in New York, who helped her make the first version of her swimsuit.

The final product buttons up on both sides of the pelvic region, making the revolutionary swimsuit easy to wear and easy to take off. The buttons also save women from the usually time-consuming trouble of entirely taking off and putting on the swimsuit each time they need to go to the washroom. Furthermore, Elyce’s innovative product is made of 86% nylon and 14% Spandex which improves the swimsuit’s longevity and stretchability as well as helps it maintain its original color vibrancy after a long period of use.

Byoot Company: Where Are They Now?

After finding her prototype to be a success, Elyce launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2018, from which she raised $30,000. Using this money, she set up her company and started selling her “Byoot Suits” (swimsuits). The ‘Shark Tank’ outing was a huge success as the entrepreneur duo partnered up with guest shark Kendra Scott, who gave them $50,000 as a loan that was to be paid back at an interest of 10% and took a 5% equity in the company.

Byoot Company uses a fascinating method to reduce returns as they offer virtual fittings on their website. Elyce noticed that people were finding it more challenging to get their correct sizes, which led to many returned products. Since COVID-19 did not allow her to help her customers in person, she started the practice of virtual fittings. If a customer needs the swimsuit to be customized according to their shape and size, they can book an appointment and get personal help from the support staff.

The company has also remained active in keeping up with the times and has released its original concept in several patterns, colors, and styles. Today, a host of styles are available for purchase, ranging from simple swimsuits to fashionable and glamourous ones. In February 2021, the company also launched its new line of stylish Byoot Bikinis, which became an instant hit with consumers. Furthermore, during her journey from an idea to a thriving company, Elyce always had her child in her mind and wrote a children’s book titled ‘Mama Bean Has a Dream.’ This adorable book is now available on her website for $16.99.

Presently, The cost of a Byoot Suit ranges from $79 to $119, while a Byoot Bikini will set you back by $50 to $59. Alongside her primary products, Elyce also introduced Byoot Swim Collars, which go perfectly with a swimsuit, and her specially designed masks which are a must-have in this pandemic. The swimsuit collar will cost you $25, while the masks are $15 each. All Byoot products are available exclusively on their website, which holds regular and attractive sales.

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