Update on Byoót Company From Shark Tank

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ is a unique business-themed reality series that has been a commercial hit since its inception in 2009. The Primetime Emmy-award winning show gives a fair chance to burgeoning businesspersons to pitch their novel idea that has the potential to earn boundless profits in the real world but lacks the prerequisite funding. One such budding business, Byoót Company, was brought forward by entrepreneurs from Le Claire, Iowa, and has already impressed the women consumers across the country. As they successfully put an indelible impression on the Sharks’ minds, we got intrigued to know more about their product and its growth up till this day!

Byoót Company: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

You must have heard the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention.” The founders of Byoót Company swear by it. Small town Midwesterners Elyce and her husband, Nathan Billany, were on a holiday when the idea first struck the former’s mind. While expecting her first child, she struggled to pull up her one-piece swimsuit for “the hundredth time in a dirty beach bathroom in Jamaica.”

Her pregnancy made it inevitable for her to frequently use the bathroom and thus, realized the dire need for an easy-to-take-off and easy-to-put-on swimsuit. The couple founded the Byoót Company with the hope to solve the age-old problem of women flexing a well-fitting beach/pool/spa wear while keeping the practical problem of “bathroom access” in mind.

Elyce’s lack of knowledge and experience in designing put across sundry obstacles in their path, but she managed to shape all the hindrances into positive learnings. She got in touch with an experienced and creditable manufacturer in New York to transform her envisioned Byoót Suit into reality. The business was launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $30,000 in August 2018.

With the help of buttons on each side of the hip region, the final product allows the process of wearing and undressing swimsuits to take place in a hassle-free manner. Available in all sizes, the suits come in various styles and colors with a guarantee to not become distorted after a few washes. The high-quality fabric, made of 86% nylon and 14% Spandex, maintains its color vibrancy for a long period.

Byoót Company: Where Are They Now?

Byoót Company has been able to bring to the market the Byoót Suit, which is nothing less than a boon for women who, after dipping in the water in their one-piece swimsuits, need to take a bathroom break. Made of air-drying material that can easily stretch all four-ways, the innovative swimsuit is convenient, durable, and stylish. Sold only on its official website, for now, the company allows a 10-minute slot for virtually guiding the potential customers to buy their desired swimsuit. The personal stylists remain open-minded about receiving customization requests along with helping the ladies find their ideal size and style.

Initially, the Byoót Suits came in solid colors: black, red, and navy, as well as in patterns like floral, stripe, and nautical. The innovative minds behind the “comfortable swimsuits” launched new torso options in beautiful colors in August 2020 and Byoót Bikinis in February 2021. In addition to passionately working to bring new styles to the market, Elyce and Nathan vowed in 2021 to donate a portion of their sales to Every Mother Counts, an organization that helps ensure women have safe pregnancies and childbirths. Without forgetting that Byoót Company is still new in the market, it will surely go a long way considering its ever-increasing popularity.

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