Update on Draft Top From Shark Tank

Since its inception on August 9, 2009, ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ has juxtaposed the concepts of art and utility: two images that have merged into a single world where opportunity thrives and creativity is given the credit it deserves. Entrepreneurs who brilliantly come up with new ideas that might assist the world in day-to-day matters is what ‘Shark Tank’ puts tremendous emphasis upon.

The hit reality show features out of the box concepts that are materialized into products, and then the judges, called “Sharks,” analyze them. Based on their opinions and judgments, they choose whether to invest in the product or not. As featured in season 12, one such product is called Draft Top. Here’s everything that you’d want to know about them.

Draft Top: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Draft Top is a device that took shape through its co-founders Armand Ferranti and Sean Kelly’s passion for creating things. The duo has had a long history of molding daily objects into something more efficient and eventually presented the draft top, which changes the idea of how a standard beer can is typically used. The device detaches the upper surface of the can so that it can be held like a cup. The best thing about the product is that the drinker won’t be getting even a hint of aluminum as they take a swig. The experience calls for an unadulterated taste of the beer and allows drinkers to easily add limes, oranges, or anything else they want to add while drinking.

The co-founders even saw its potential in being used as ping pong glasses. Kelly and Ferranti first met sometime around 2012, when they became co-workers in an office in New Jersey. Within a few months, their minds had already started to buzz with ideas. Ferranti explained that his interest in mechanics sprouted during his early years when he was always around tools. One day, Ferranti began to experiment with available objects, which eventually formed into a habit. He began to use Google Sketch-Up, and during one of his sessions, the idea for Draft Top naturally sprang up.

He introduced the gadget to Kelly, who was immediately impressed. He admitted to having labored his way through nailing the specifications of his new product. He visited different stores to check beer can sizes so that the device can be used upon various cans. After the measurements were decided, the duo took trips to Bed Bath & Beyond and studied different can openers to understand the logic behind can opening.

Kelly and Ferranti conceived 12 prototypes, after which their product was ready to be launched. The duo started a Kickstarter campaign intending to collect $75,000, yet they were fully funded within just 36 hours, which explains the level of potential exhibited by the product. The design went through several modifications over the years as they brought in two more partners, Patrick Parizo and Alex Caracappa.

Draft Top: Where are They Now?

The website for Draft Top was launched on June 15, 2020. They sold 3000 pieces in less than 24 hours, and by December 2020, they ran out of their Draft Top 1.0s. The website currently is stocked with Draft Top 2.0s, which cost $24.99, and the bundle pack is available for $44.99. There are other products and merchandise which can also be bought from the website. The range of beer can sizes covered by the product includes cans from 8-16 ounces, and the two believe it will open 19-ounce cans as well. The device is engineered to make the aluminum fold into itself to prevent any potential injury to the drinker.

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