Update on Everything Legendary From Shark Tank

For years, the entertainment industry has been making the viewers laugh, cry, smile, and arousing every other emotion one can possibly think of. But a couple of decades back, it also vowed to turn budding businesspersons into world-renowned magnates. ‘Shark Tank,’ the American spin-off of Japan’s ‘Money Tigers’ is a multi-Emmy Award-winning show on which budding entrepreneurs make presentations to the “Sharks” to promote their novel business idea.

If they are successful in convincing the business magnates of the power of their product, the entrepreneurs stand a chance of bagging millions-worth of investments. Like many others, Everything Legendary pitched its product, which is eco-friendly, healthy, and stands staunchly against animal cruelty. The innovation piqued our interest, making us curious to track its growth over the months after its appearance on national television!

Everything Legendary: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Co-founded by Danita Claytor (President), Duane “Myko” Cheers (CEO), and Jumoke Jackson (Chef), Everything Legendary aims at delivering nutritious vegan food seasoned with authentic flavors. Proudly calling it “Mom-Approved,” Duane has been the “idea man” and put his entrepreneurial knowledge to its best use by creating a line of plant-based meat products in his kitchen, not a laboratory. His mother, a vegan living with Lupus and President Danita Claytor’s mom, who was fiercely battling cancer, have consistently been a source of inspiration for both the co-founders.

The two then joined hands with Jumoke, the culinary veteran with considerable experience at famous restaurants across the country. Additionally, Danita’s wholehearted preference for healthy food and philanthropic spirit gave the business a clear direction. Everything Legendary created flavor-charged Classic burger patties along with plant-based ground meat and took it to the streets with pop-up stores and street festival sampling.

After the “community” loved its meat-like taste, it soon turned into a successfully running business that often goes out of stock due to its high demand in the market. The black-owned company, founded by HBCU grads hailing from Hyattsville, Maryland, has stayed true to its promise to make soy-free and gluten-free burgers that are not just wholesome but also savory.

Everything Legendary: Where Are They Now?

In addition to accepting orders on the official website, by the beginning of 2020, Everything Legendary had successfully amassed loyal clientele at the two central locations in Maryland, namely, Browns Market and Kitchen Cray Cafe. By spring 2020, the hit plant-based patties got a grand opening at Legendary Burger Cafe in Landover Hills, MD, and Milk & Honey in Washington DC. The company also started providing catering services during the weekdays for office lunches, conferences, and events.

In May 2020, Everything Legendary expanded its line of cheeseburgers by launching three new vegan burgers: Cheddar, Cayenne Pepper, and Pepper Jack. When the novel COVID-19 hit the world, still being a small business, the company started curbside pickups to allow customers to collect their order from a convenient location and maintain social distancing. Their social media accounts regularly update their customers about the offers and share a new vegan recipe every week!

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