Update on FitFighter From Shark Tank

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ gives budding entrepreneurs the platform they require to bring their products to a global audience. The entrepreneurs present their products and services to a panel of top business magnates fondly known as Sharks. These industry leaders then use their experience and intuition to figure out which product would be most profitable to invest in. Accepting the investment is always left to the entrepreneur, and it is thrilling to see how they negotiate with the Sharks while standing on a fine line between success or the deal falling through.

FitFighter is a unique product that was featured in season 12 of the show. A free weight made from a firehose and filled with recycled steel is a dynamic training weight that helps keep people in shape. Intrigued to know more about the company and where they are now? Let’s find out, shall we?

FitFighter: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

FitFighter is the brainchild of Sarah Apgar, an army veteran who served in Iraq. After returning to the States, she put herself through business school and earned an MBA degree from Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College. Life as a business person was not for Sarah as she soon found herself missing the rigorous exercise and training sessions of the army.

With that in mind, Sarah volunteered to join the Huntington fire department in New York. When working with the firefighters, Sarah realized that even though firefighting was a strenuous job, the firefighters did not have any specific workout to keep their stamina and fitness levels up. Thus, she began experimenting with different workout routines until one became a hit with her fellow firefighters. She filled an old firehose with sand, which then acted as a dynamic training weight that could fit any workout needs.

Noticing how this idea became an instant hit with her colleagues, Sarah put it through numerous design changes before settling on the current design. Furthermore, she replaced the sand with recycled steel to make the product sturdier and more durable. The result was a dynamic workout that could be used in various ways to facilitate fitness and stamina training exercises. Initially, the workout stayed exclusive to New York and San Diego’s fire and rescue training academies. When Sarah understood the vast untapped market for such a product, she introduced the FitFighter to the mainstream fitness market in 2019.

FitFighter: Where Are They Now?

Going on ‘Shark Tank’ was a successful move for Sarah as she secured an investment of $250,000 from guest Shark, Daniel Lubetzky. In return, she had to give him a 25% equity in her company. One month after her Shark Tank appearance, she put up a post on Instagram welcoming Daniel into her team. Since then, there has been no looking back for the company. After bringing her product to the mainstream fitness market, Sarah realized the massive potential for her product in commercial and home gyms and even for civilians who want to keep in shape.

The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a boon in disguise for her company as it closed gyms all over the country. With commercial gyms closed, people looked more towards home-based workout alternatives, and FitFighter shone the most among them. Sarah took this opportunity to the fullest and promoted her product on various TV and radio channels, including but not limited to USA Sports Radio, ABC News, and Armed Forces Network. FitFighter was also featured on online news websites such as Essence.

When Sarah started focusing on home workouts following the pandemic, she had another brilliant idea that struck gold with her followers. Knowing that most people won’t have access to a proper trainer at home, she launched an app-based streaming program where she brought on professional trainers and streamed home workout routines for her customers. These training videos were also made available on her website.

To access these videos, customers have two plans to choose from – a $10 monthly or an $80 annual plan. Sarah made sure that the routines catered to different people from all walks of life. Along with her exercise hoses, this streaming service became a massive hit with her followers and earned the company some much-needed revenue during the pandemic. The company also released FitFighter apparel and training accessories like bags and water bottles to increase its revenue.

When it comes to purchasing the FitFighter steel hoses, they are available on the product’s official website and come in varieties of 5-pounds pairs, 10-pounds pairs, 15 pounds, and 25 pounds based on their weight. The prices range from $75-$95. For people looking to buy a whole set, Sarah has also made a home gym set available for $225. With brilliant business practices and such an enthusiastic and loyal customer base, we can only assume that this company will reach great heights and continue to take the fitness industry by storm.

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