Update on Mad Rabbit From Shark Tank

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ is a long-running reality show that gives entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their “revolutionary” products, and more importantly, gives them a shot at getting massive investment for their young businesses from one of the successful business moguls on the show’s panel, lovingly called Sharks. Over the years, multiple businesses that have featured on ‘Shark Tank’ have gone on to generate annual sales of more than $100 million. Season 12 featured Mad Rabbit, one of the unique businesses on the show. Therefore, we decided to check in with the tattoo aftercare specialists and see how far they have come since their appearances on the show. Here’s what we found out.

Mad Rabbit: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The founders of Mad Rabbit, Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor, met during their freshman year at Miami University, Ohio. The two soon became fast friends and shared a dream of someday running their own businesses. Oliver, a business student, focused his time in college, learning as much as he could about finance and digital marketing, including various topics he knew would help him as an entrepreneur. Selom, meanwhile, had already run a couple of businesses before he co-founded Mad Rabbit and hence had some real-time experience with running a business.

Although they prepped themselves to the best of their abilities, they knew they would have to wait until the perfect idea came along. Mad Rabbit, the tattoo aftercare product line, came as an idea to Oliver when he got a tattoo and was recommended petroleum jelly by the artist for his tattoo’s aftercare. Realizing that there was a gap in the market for high-quality and natural tattoo aftercare skin products, Oliver pitched the idea to Selom. The two worked hard at creating a cream that was natural, effective, and not prohibitively expensive and finally came up with what is now their highest selling product, the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm.

The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm fulfills all the requirements needed from a tattoo aftercare cream – it helps with healing, replenishes damaged skin, soothes the irritation that usually follows new tattoos, and protects the tattoo from dirt and grime. Staying true to using only natural ingredients, the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm is made from oils extracted from sweet almonds, argon and sunflower, aloe vera, chamomile extract, and cocoa butter, with each ingredient playing a specific role in the overall effectiveness of the product.

Two years on, Mad Rabbit now offers three skincare creams that each have a specialized aftercare use. They are categorized as Enhance, Repair, and Defend. The first (Enhance) is an all-purpose balm that can be used on new or old tattoos as it repairs the skin as well as stops the tattoo from fading quickly. A jar of it costs $15.99. The second (Repair) is a soothing aftercare cream for new tattoos that costs $29.99 for a tube. The third (Defend) is an SPF 30 sunscreen formulated specifically for tattooed skin and also costs $29.99 a tube. All their products are available online through their website and also through Amazon.

Mad Rabbit: Where Are They Now?

Since its launch in 2019, Mad Rabbit products have garnered a following of loyal customers that is so large, even the founders are surprised. In the initial days, they’d spend more than 12 hours a day mixing, cooking, packaging, and dispatching their balms and were still unable to fulfill orders. The company reached six-figure sales in less than a year. Soon enough, the duo set up cost-effective manufacturing and distribution plants across the country to make their production and delivery more effective.

The LA-based company’s growing customer base also pushed the co-founders to set up their marketing department as soon as they had figured out logistics. With users giving their products such rave reviews, they wanted to share the message, and their product, with the world. Their stylish marketing and packaging also caught the eye of the massive tattoo community, which welcomed them and spread the word about their products so effectively that the company is now looking to do philanthropic projects focused on tattoos.

Talking about the future, Oliver believes that he sees Mad Rabbit evolving from just a tattoo aftercare brand into more of a lifestyle brand. He also hinted at more tattoo-centric content coming out under the banner of Mad Rabbit, and going by the company’s stylish yet intense branding, the content can be expected to be equally top-notch.

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