Update on KIN from Shark Tank

Entrepreneur Philomina Kane presented her apparel company, KIN, in season 13 episode 1 of ‘Shark Tank,’ hoping to catch the interest of a Shark. KIN’s apparel line specifically aims to enhance and promote haircare without compromising on fashion. Fans were quick to take to such an innovative product and are now clamoring to learn more about the company. Well, here’s what we found out!

KIN: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The brain behind KIN, Philomina Kane, was born in the Bronx but grew up in Ghana. Her highly diverse background gave her numerous life-changing experiences and made her a strong and determined woman ready to follow her goals. Kane earned her Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University with a special emphasis on Health, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and African Studies. She then went on to work for numerous organizations before starting her own YouTube channel in 2014. Since then, Kane has never looked back and passed multiple milestones on her way to success.

KIN or KIN Haircare stands for “Keep It Naturally.”The brand was established in April 2020 and has since been making waves in the fashion industry. Kane has always shown exceptional expertise and interest when it comes to hair. Even the content on her YouTube channel is mostly based on hairstyling or haircare techniques. However, taking proper care of one’s hair often meant compromising on fashion and what one can wear, a trend Kane absolutely disliked. KIN was introduced to fight that very notion and was Kane’s own way of proving that even apparel quality goes a long way in haircare.

Traditional hoodies and hats are mostly made out of cotton, which is quite rough and makes hair frizzy. The material also causes a lot of friction, leading to further hair loss and breakage. Thus, Kane proceeded to line the insides of all her KIN hoodies and hats with satin, which is silkier and provides smooth movement for hair. Additionally, satin absorbs less moisture than cotton, keeping one’s hair moisturized and is also less likely to disturb the wearer’s hairstyle.

KIN: Where Are They Now?

Ever since its launch, KIN has witnessed immense growth in its customer base and popularity. Moreover, with Philomina Kane possessing a background in marketing, she was able to use her experience to expand KIN’s reach. Most of her advertising was done through social media campaigns, and Kane also attributed a part of her success towards the support black-owned businesses received during Covid-19.

At present, KIN products are exclusively available on their own website, where you get free shipping above a total spend of $200. Some of their most popular products include brilliantly colored satin-lined hoodies for men and women, which now include the recently launched fall collection. They also have a special collection for children, along with their immensely attractive satin-lined hats and beanies. Surprisingly, KIN apparels are fairly pocket-friendly, even though Kane makes sure there is no compromise on quality. Recently, she even introduced the Reversible Satin Bonnet Pillowcases, and it seems like the company is also looking forward to releasing more products in the future.

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