Update on Salad Sling From Shark Tank

Salad Sling is an innovative product that made an appearance on episode 21 of season 12 of ‘Shark Tank.’ Created and marketed by Jill Visit through her company Mirloco, the Salad Sling provides an interesting, fun, and convenient way to prepare healthy salads. The company’s founder put forward her business ideas, aiming to take home a fruitful investment from the ultra-successful business magnates AKA Sharks. Curious to know more about the company? Well, so are we! Let’s find out more about Salad Sling, shall we?

Salad Sling: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Jill Visit, the founder of Mirloco, Salad Sling’s parent company, has an impressive and awe-inspiring resume. She graduated with a B.S. Degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin. She was also a part of the Texas Creative Sequence and belonged to the same team that was responsible for building brands like Duracell and Gillette. She also held the position of global creative director for Whole Foods and is working, at present, as the head of creative at WorldStrides.

The Salad Sling was born out of Jill’s frustration for salad spinners. She found spinners to be inconvenient and annoying as they are hard to use and cumbersome to wash. Plus, spinners took up a lot of room in her kitchen, along with making the salad soggy and unappetizing. Jill said that the Salad Sling came into existence when one day she decided to grab a dish towel and use it to sling the greens around to dry them instead of using a traditional salad spinner. The greens dried out pretty well and weren’t soggy, but all the slinging filled her kitchen with water.

Aware that she had something going, Jill decided to experiment more on this technique. It took Jill two years and numerous prototypes to come up with the present-day design. The type of material to be used, along with the exact size and shape to make it convenient, took Jill multiple tries to perfect. The design, which she patented now, is lightweight and can be hung up as a towel, thus saving additional space.

The Sling is made out of three specific layers. The first layer is made of super-absorbent microfibers of polyester and nylon that drain the moisture from the greens. Then comes the waterproof polyester liner that keeps the water inside and prevents it from spilling out. The third and final layer is made up of a laminate of polyurethane. Usage of the product is straightforward as the user just needs to wash the greens before placing them inside the sling.

After settling the veggies inside the sling, one must grab all four handles and swing them around until the cloth absorbs all the moisture. The Salad Sling has been specially designed to be 30×30 inches for it to be able to hold a large quantity. It also requires almost no effort to wash as it can be air-dried or put in the washing machine (without bleach or fabric softener)

Salad Sling: Where Are They Now?

Ever since its inception, the Salad Sling has been a popular product. A cheaper and easier alternative to salad spinners, the product was an instant hit with people. After shipping their first batch in February 2019, Jill Visit keeps passing one milestone after the other with her brilliant invention.

The Salad Sling has been praised for being eco-friendly and green. It has been featured in leading publications like The Boston Globe and The New York Times. The Strategist included Salad Sling in their “35 Office Secret Santa Gifts Under $25” list. WBUR also mentioned it as an eco-friendly gadget for a greener kitchen. Each unit of the Salad Sling will set you back by $19.99, and they are available to purchase from their website as well as other major online retailers like Amazon and The Grommet.

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