Update on Tandem Boogie From Shark Tank

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ can only be described as a super-hit business-themed reality series that has turned hundreds of dreamers and innovators into successful entrepreneurs. By inviting them to present their business plans and ideas to a panel of industry experts, known to us as Sharks, this show allows them to at least gain some exposure. If the Sharks find the aspiring businesspersons’ views enticing, they offer to invest in their company in exchange for shares. Hoping to achieve this, as seen in season 12, is Tandem Boogie. So, let’s find out all that there is to know about them, shall we?

Tandem Boogie: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Inventors John and Manya Clark created Tandem Boogie to help other people have fun and make memories with their friends and family while riding the water waves. The product is designed in such a way that anyone, with any level of experience, can enjoy water sports with a partner by their side. The couple themselves have spent most of their lives surfing and paddle-boarding alongside their three daughters. So, they decided to take the experience to a whole new level by creating a buddy board out of it, which eventually turned into their business.

Essentially, Tandem Boogie is an inflatable bodyboard. But instead of accommodating just one person at a time, with a width of 34″ instead of the traditional 21, it fits two people very easily. The other unique thing about it is that while normal bodyboards are made from polypropylene, among other materials, Tandem Boogie utilizes a military-grade, high-density PVC material, making it not only softer but also comfier. Plus, the substance battles corrosion, meaning that the board will maintain its look and utility despite being exposed to the weather, chemicals, or scratching.

Tandem Boogie: Where Are They Now?

Currently, the Tandem Boogie incorporates a Clarks’ original technology, patent-pending internal Dynamic AIR Design (DAD), that uses a cross-woven fiber system to give each product the stiffness and response it boasts. On top of that, each bodyboard has strong yet soft, easy-to-grip handles, a built-in camera mount, and a tail design that enables users to cut through waves in an almost effortless manner. All Tandem Boogie products come with a Dual Stage Pump, a backpack, and a maintenance kit, making everything even more convenient for the customers.

Utilizing their individual professional experiences, while John is doing wonders for Tandem Boogie by being in charge of marketing and product development, Manya leads the manufacturing and operations department. As for their daughters, even though they are currently completing their education, they have a role in the company as well. Juliette and Alleanna, attending the University of California, Berkeley, are CEO and community manager, respectively. But the youngest, Lyla, who is looking forward to studying business and law in college, runs apparel and merchandise.

There is a sixth “family” member in the Tandem Boogie team – Tom Morey, a surfer, entrepreneur and musician, who created the first-ever boogie board in 1971. Over the years, Tom has offered the Clarks invaluable insights into the business. Thus, it is no surprise that John and Tom partnered up to launch the first Tandem Boogie Contest in 2019 in San Clemente, California.

As of now, for just $459.00, you can buy the Tandem Boogie Air Bodyboard from the company’s official website. With the classic blue appearance, it is available in orange and pink. They also offer a Tandem surfboard at $695.00 and a pair of hydro-blade fins for $48. The Tandem Boogie can also be used on land – acting as a card table on a beach, a picnic platform, and a sled in those winters when snow slopes are the only things worth riding.

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