Upload Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap: CyberDiscountDay and Download Doctor

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The third season of Prime Video’s ‘Upload’ brings more challenges for Nathan, who is now both in the real and the virtual world. Each version has a different life that the other is unaware of, but secrets like this cannot be hidden for too long. The third episode of the season also unravels some new things about the lives of the characters that had been out of focus in the last two episodes. It is shocking to see where some of them have landed, but for others, it feels like a great character development. Let’s take a look at everything that happened in this episode and what it bodes for Nathan and his friends in the future. SPOILERS AHEAD

Nathan Finds Out About His Copy in Lakeview

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Prime Video

Nathan and Nora finally get around to settling down, but with both of them without a job, they don’t have many options. Or at least, Nathan doesn’t. The first thing they do is settle their living situation and discover that Nathan’s mother has been living in a communal space, which barely leaves any space for her. Still, there is no other option, so Nathan and Nora are forced to bunk with her.

Nathan tries to find a job, but it’s very difficult because he is undocumented. He is technically dead, and the way he was brought back is illegal, so there is no way he can go back to being the Nathan he was when he was alive the last time. He is reduced to picking scraps from garbage, but it’s still something. While walking through the town, he comes across a place with a poster about new hiring. He hopes to find a new job there but discovers something else entirely.

When he walks into a random store to get a job, he meets Ingrid, who’s working there. It’s an awkward encounter because the last time they saw each other, things had been very, very bad. He discovered she lied to him about being uploaded; he broke up with her; his new girlfriend stole his body, which he was downloaded into; and then they left Ingrid tied to a chair.

But what’s more awkward for Ingrid is to have Nathan know how far she has fallen. She reveals that she was cut off by her family because they thought she was too obsessed with him. But now, she promises she’s over him because she’s met a new guy. It isn’t until later that Nathan realizes that the new guy is his copy in Lakeview. Nora realizes this when she checks back into work and sees Ingrid still at Lakeview. She wonders why Nathan’s ex would still waste her time there when he isn’t there anymore, but she gets her answer when she sees the second Nathan.

Nora and Nathan Meet the Download Doctor

Worried that Nathan’s head might explode at any moment, Nora looks for the doctor who’d worked on the download project. It turns out that when the last download failed spectacularly in front of the entire world, the doctor was let go and now lives in squalor. Still, he’s alive, and that’s what matters because it means that Nora can still reach him and talk to him about finding a solution to Nathan’s problem. They are forced to do it sooner rather than later when Nathan starts to bleed profusely.

The doctor is in San Francisco, and thanks to Maurizio’s connection, they find a quick ride there. When they arrive at the doctor’s house, they try to keep Nathan’s status as a download a secret at first. But then Nora comes clean about everything. The doctor says that the scans don’t reveal anything untoward, but he gives a few pills to him to curb the situation. He also advises Nathan to upload again as soon as possible if the severe symptoms start to show.

Luke and Aleesha Embark on New Adventures

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Prime Video

While things might be tumultuous for other people, Aleesha has been doing great. At least professionally. Yes, she is forced to work even on off days, and her family doesn’t appreciate her much, but her voice is being heard by her superiors, and she finds a new love interest in Karina. It remains to be seen how Luke will feel about it, but right now, he has bigger concerns. It turns out that the government has cut the funding for veterans, which is how he’d been making do in Lakeview. But now, he needs to find a way to provide for himself.

He finds a job that pays him enough, but he finds a more lucrative opportunity. It turns out that outside Lakeview, in the grey space, people are ready to pay good money if you bring them an AI. There is no dearth of AI guys in Lakeview. If one went missing, no one would even notice. Luke certainly needs the money, but whether he will do it remains to be seen, especially considering that the AI guys have recently been going through some significant changes. They are becoming a bit human, asking for free days and lunchtime, among other things. It will make Luke’s job much harder, and there’s still the question. Why are the people in the dark space looking for an AI?

Upload Season 3 Episode 4 Ending: Ivan Gets a Hold of David Choak

In the world of ‘Upload,’ death is not the ending. For some, it’s a new beginning, but for people like David Choak, it’s just an inconvenience. He is still in charge and runs his business, but he needs others too much for his liking. While he thinks it’s necessary for him to remain on top of things, the other people on the board don’t seem to be too keen about having him around anymore. This makes Choak paranoid as if he hadn’t already been so, especially after spotting Nathan at one of their secret meetings.

It is insinuated by people around Choak that he might be suffering from ghost dementia. This is a difficult thing for him because it means that he will be pushed out of the board. As expected, when Choak forgets his login details and is unable to show up at the meeting, other members are quick to dismiss his absence and continue with the meeting, making important decisions that otherwise wouldn’t have moved forward without Choak’s approval. But this isn’t the most notable thing about the ending.

When Choak is unable to log in, he tells Ivan to take him to the real world. At first, Ivan resists, but when Choak blackmails him (because he knows what Ivan secretly watches on his phone), the Horizen employee is forced to relent. However, bringing Choak into the real world means taking him out of Lakeview, putting his hard drive into a robot-like thing, and carrying it around town. In the last scene of the episode, we see Ivan holding his hard drive. Does it mean Ivan has something else in mind regarding Choak?

It’s interesting to remember that Ivan was in cahoots with the Ludds, who wanted to destroy Lakeview and the whole idea of uploading. Moreover, Ivan has a bone to pick with Choak because the man is not only responsible for a lot of bad things in the world (including what happened with Freeyond), but he also has something on Ivan. Instead of getting bossed around by Choak, wouldn’t Ivan rather destroy his hard drive and get rid of a lot of problems at once?

There is, however, a catch. It is already shown that illegal as it may be, Horizen keeps a backup copy of all its residents, so should some error lead them to be deleted from the system, they can bring them back. If Choak (a high-priority guest) is gone, the Horizen employee in charge would certainly want to bring him back. Unless Ivan changes his mind or comes up with a new plan.

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