Uriel Valenzuela: High Hopes Star is Still a Marijuana Enthusiast

As a reality series living up to its title in every way, shape, and form, Hulu’s ‘High Hopes’ is the embodiment of a “pot opera” considering it actually revolves around the stoner community. In fact, this Jimmy Kimmel-produced original delves deep into the world of legal marijuana drugstores as well as its users by following a well-known California dispensary/firm named MMD. It thus comes as no surprise several of its employees play a significant role throughout the production, amongst whom is none other than full-time stoner/veteran staff member Uriel Valenzuela.

Who is Uriel Valenzuela?

Although not much regarding Uriel’s early life is publicly available as of writing, it is believed he first tried weed at a young age and has been its enthusiast for as long as he can remember. Hence, of course, his career trajectory has seemingly revolved around the same, with him joining MMD (Medical Marijuana Dispensary) almost as soon as it was established in October 2006. He initially came on as security, but he has also dabbled in budtending, inventory scheduling, managing the front desk, managing the entire store, plumbing, and delivery over the years.

That’s because, in co-owner/founder Mishka Ashbel’s own words, “Uri has done every job possible, and Uri has f**ked up every job possible,” following which his brother Slava added, “Anything you can f**k up, Uri has f**ked up.” Nevertheless, this professional smoker has never been and can arguably never be fired because of his unwavering loyalty to the company, plus his unusually close connection with the Ashbel patriarch. We specify “unusually close” because the brothers have candidly asserted their father considers him a part of the family now he’s so kind, caring, as well as sincere that he wins hearts in mere moments.

As for Uriel’s loyalty to MMD, despite the fact he tends to do whatever he pleases in terms of coming to work high, wearing self-made counterfeit merch instead of an official uniform, or showing up to meetings late in his own style, he hasn’t ever comprised their operations. Rather, he has always gone above and beyond to ensure their success by not only providing extraordinary front-door delivery services but also taking initiatives whenever a new brand or event is to be launched/held. Furthermore, he doesn’t mind serving as the organization’s ambassador, even if it involves wearing a costume in public, making it clear he’ll do anything for MMD because it gives him a community, family, plus understanding.

Where is Uriel Valenzuela Now?

Since Uriel Valenzuela does prefer to keep his personal experiences well away from the limelight these days, we unfortunately do not know anything concerning the same in any capacity. However, we do know this cannabis, as well as sports enthusiast, is still actively involved with MMD — he actually holds the title of minion today, which means he does any and every job required of him, giving him further flexibility. In the end, it’s also imperative to note this “Snack Daddy’s” bromance with Michigan-turned-Los Angeles resident/co-worker Freddie Miller remains alive — they’re great friends even now, as seen above, indicating nothing about their connection was for the cameras or scripted in any manner.

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