Vampire Academy Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained


Peacock’s ‘Vampire Academy’ wraps up its first season with an action-packed finale that leaves the fates of its main characters in deep uncertainty. The future of the Dominion is in the dark as the danger of the Strigoi looms larger than ever. Instead of giving the viewers some answers, the finale throws more questions into the mix, setting up the story for the second season. While the true fate of the characters will only be revealed when the second season arrives, here we break down the ending of Season 1 and decipher what lies ahead for the Moroi and their guardian. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Vampire Academy Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The Dominion falls under a brutal attack from the Strigoi who run around, creating havoc. Christian realizes that the only chance for survival is to restore the protective wall around the Dominion, one that the Strigoi cannot cross. But the problem is that the key to closing that door has been stolen, which calls for a new key to be made. Meanwhile, Lissa finds herself in an even more precarious situation when the Queen is poisoned. She tries to heal the monarch, but it doesn’t work, and she is forced to run away for her life.

Rose and Mason drive away into the human world, but they turn back when Mason tells her that Dimitri is in prison, which means that Lissa is unprotected. Once back, they come up with a plan to evacuate the region before the next Strigoi attack. Meanwhile, Andre escapes Tatiana’s captivity and reunites with his sister. Just when it looks like things might take a turn for the better for the Dragomir family, fate strikes again.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Finale Ending: What Happens to Rose and Lissa?

At the beginning of the season, when we first meet Rose and Lissa, we find them making plans about leaving the Dominion and venturing out into the world on their own. At this time, Lissa’s family is still alive so she doesn’t have the pressure of the claim to the throne and the politics that comes with it. Rose, too, is singularly focused on finishing her training and becoming Lissa’s guardian. While it is scary to think about leaving the protected walls of the Dominion, they are excited by the prospect.


By the time they end up leaving the Dominion, they are not the same people anymore. A lot has happened by now and this time, running away is not a choice or an adventure. It is a necessity for their survival. With the Queen dead, Tatiana makes a move for the throne. She needs the council to elect her, but she knows that there are still some supporters of Victor who might create problems for her. So, she lets loose a couple of Strigoi, who conveniently kill all those who might stand against her.

By the end of the night, the vote is over and done with, and Tatiana is crowned as the queen of the Dominion. As soon as that happens, she declares Lissa a person of interest in the murder of the Queen. It is important for her to get Lissa out of the way because she is the only one who can stake a claim on the throne now, challenging Tatiana’s authority. Before she died, the Queen had declared Lissa to be her heir to the throne, and there might still be some loyalists of the Dragomir family who would like to see Lissa on the throne, rather than Tatiana.

With her brother gone and her reputation tarnished, Lissa has no choice but to flee. At least until she can find a way to strike back at Tatiana. She is accompanied by Rose, who is not going to leave Lissa anymore. The last time she did it, catastrophic things happened. Now, with her best friend going out into the world, she can’t let her do it on her own. Moreover, without Lissa, there is nothing tying Rose to the Dominion anymore. Except for Dimitri, that is. But right now, her best friend needs her more.

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Another thing that gives purpose to Rose’s new adventure is the possibility to meet her father. The only thing that she knows about him is that he is Moroi. Her Dhampir mother, Janine, never talked about him, and Rose had always held a grudge against her father for abandoning her. This was also the reason why, except for Lissa, she never felt a particular duty towards the Moroi. Now, however, she has the chance to connect with her father. Knowing that she is walking into a dangerous world, her mother wants her to have all the help she can get. While the show doesn’t reveal anything more about Rose’s father, the simple fact that there is now a way to contact him means that the second season will introduce him to the audience, adding a new chapter in Rose’s life.

Meanwhile, Christian and Dimitri decide to stay back. It turns out that Christian is now the head of his family because his aunt died in the Strigoi attack. He has to take over the reins of the Ozera family, while also trying to find answers about his parents and redeem his own reputation. He is also one of the monks now, which means that there is a new path laid out for him, which might open him to more secrets related to the vampires.

Dimitri, despite wanting to leave with Rose and Lissa, stays back to keep an eye on Tatiana. Even in the face of all that has happened, he and Tatiana were on rather good terms the last time they saw each other. Now, someone needs to be close to her in order to figure out what her plan really is. Dimitri can do that and find out a way to expose her, strip her of her power, and help bring Lissa back to the throne.

Is Andre Dead?

One of the biggest twists of this season is the revelation of Andre’s fate. It turns out that he never died in the car crash that had claimed the lives of Lissa’s family. Everyone believes that Andre died with his parents, but it turns out that Tatiana had been holding him captive all this while. She needed someone with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the monarchy so that she could find her way to the throne.

Knowing that his sister and the entire Dominion are in danger, Andre finally escapes. But his reunion with Lissa is short-lived. He is only able to tell her that Tatiana is the villain in this story. He hands over a chip to her, though Lissa has no idea what it means. Before he can tell her more, Christian’s mother attacks Andre. She would probably have killed him, but when Christian arrives on the spot, she is reminded of her husband’s death. As revenge, she feeds her blood to Andre and takes him away.

In the final shot of the episode, we see an injured Andre. When he opens his eyes, they are red, indicating that he is a Strigoi now. So, technically, he is not dead, but this doesn’t spell good news for Lissa. Her brother as a Strigoi is as good as dead, however, there are still many things that she and Rose need to figure out. Maybe, somewhere along the way, they will find a way to turn the Strigoi back into their original versions. Until then, they’ll have to be very cautious, because now, with Tatiana on the throne, the Strigoi are more powerful than before.

The fact that Christian’s mother could have killed Andre, but didn’t means that he is still needed by Tatiana. Previously, Tatiana had made it clear that Andre cannot be killed just yet. Perhaps, the new Queen still has a few plans in store for him and it doesn’t matter whether she has him as a Moroi or a Strigoi. His presence is also dangerous for Lissa because he can be used as leverage by Tatiana to force the young Dragomir out of hiding. Strigoi or not, Andre is still Lissa’s brother, and she’ll do anything to keep him alive. What lengths she’ll actually have to go to will only be revealed next season.

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