Vampyr 2: Everything We Know

In an industry increasingly choked by a barrage of sequels iterating on the same formula endlessly, last year’s ‘Vampyr’ by French developer Dontnod Entertainment was a breath of fresh air. Although the game was bogged down by certain growing pains issues and suffered from a general lack of polish, ‘Vampyr’ also had some fantastic new ideas and an impressive approach to character development that made the world feel alive.

Needless to say, there are many who are eagerly waiting for a sequel to be announced, and I am certainly one of them. Read on to find out everything we know about ‘Vampyr 2’.

What Can We Expect From Vampyr 2?

The original ‘Vampyr’ is an action Role Playing Game (RPG) that came out in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and earlier this year for the Nintendo Switch. The setting is London in the year 1918, just after the conclusion of World War I. You play as Dr. Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor turned vampire who struggles to contain his vampire bloodlust and honor the Hippocratic Oath he is bound to as a doctor. Compelled by the voice inside his head to find the person who converted him, Reid’ s search leads him to a bar where he meets highborn vampire Lady Ashbury and eventually finds himself working at Pembroke Hospital under Doctor Edgar Swansea.

As Reid investigates, he soon comes across evidence of an epidemic that is corrupting vampires into creatures known as Skals. It is also revealed that the Skal epidemic started when Doctor Edgar Swansea attempted to heal a patient using Lady Ashbury’s blood. Reid must now find a way to halt the Skal epidemic somehow, facing up to his personal demons as well as an ancient deadly entity known as the Red Queen. ‘Vampyr’ closes with Reid defeating the Red Queen in battle, Lady Ashbury fleeing to her family castle in shame for her part in creating the Skal epidemic and Reid resolving to follow her.

‘Vampyr’ is an action RPG presented from a Third person view. The player character is a vampire who must feed on blood in order to unlock new abilities and vampire powers. The abilities themselves are broadly of two types – active and passive. Active abilities must be activated manually in battle, whereas passive abilities affect attributes such as health, stamina, the blood gauge, regeneration, carry capacity etc. You can target any of the people in the game’s semi Open World, or you could even go through the entire game without killing innocent citizens. Depending on your choice, ‘Vampyr’ features four distinct endings.

The combat consists of melee weapons such as the saw and ranged weapons like revolvers. You can evade enemy attacks using dodge rolls or the game’s parrying system. Speaking of enemies, you will mostly be battling five types of enemies in the game – the aristocratic Ekon vampires, the sewer dwelling Skals, the werewolf like Vulkod vampires, the vampire hunting Nemrod vampires and a vampire hunting secret society of humans known as the Guard of Priwen. The game also features several boss battles which constitute some of the few mandatory combat sections in the game.

Considering that ‘Vampyr’ left off with Jonathan Reid resolving to follow Lady Ashbury to her family castle, we can expect ‘Vampyr 2’ to be a direct continuation of the first game’s storyline. The first game was also criticized for its poor enemy scaling with your player character’s level, as well as a lack of any quicksave functionality. It is very likely that both these issues will be fixed for ‘Vampyr 2’. ‘Vampyr’ was also notorious for its myriad game breaking bugs and a general lack of polish, something the sequel will be keen to address.

While the world of ‘Vampyr’ was fairly expansive, it stopped short of being a true Open World. ‘Vampyr 2’ could ostensibly take the next step and transition to a fully Open World.

Vampyr 2 Developers: Who Will Be The People Behind The Game?

‘Vampyr 2’ will be developed by Paris based French video game developer Dontnod Entertainment and likely published by Focus Home Interactive. Dontnod Entertainment is best known for narrative driven games like ‘Remember Me’, ‘Life is Strange’ and its sequel ‘Life is Strange 2’.

Vampyr 2 Release Date: When And Where Can I Play It?

The original ‘Vampyr’ only came out in 2018, so we cannot expect ‘Vampyr 2’ any time soon. Developer Dontnod Entertainment has two new titles in the pipeline for 2020 – an episodic adventure game called ‘Twin Mirror’ and the adventure game ‘Tell Me Why’. As it stands, the earliest ‘Vampyr 2’ can release is 2022.

‘Vampyr 2’ will likely debut on PC and the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

Vampyr 2Trailer

While we wait for more news about ‘Vampyr 2’, you can watch the trailer for ‘Vampyr’ right here:

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